Implication and Extrapolation of “Lailatul Qadr”

Assalamo alaikum
One of the message of lailatul Qadr is that the good work that is normally accomplished in 1000 months will be accomplished in one night if we hold Quran firmly. Prophet saw accomplished centuries work in just 23 years (same scale) e.g. in the field of sciences & mathematics foundation of modern sciences were laid down from invention of Arabic numbers from Zero to nine and decimal system to algebra etc etc. This is also true for all spheres of life. When we hold Quran, angels will descend to help. Of course no denying of importance of worshipping and Ibada in that night. Quran came to the world in 23 years and that can also be taken as “one night”. Message for we Muslims is don’t give up hope hold Quran firmly from now onward. Holding Quran means living it intensely, studying it with full devotion and applying in every aspect of our life as Allama Iqbal’s father advised him to study Quran as it is revealed to you.

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