Christians today are not following Jesus (PBUH), but rather his arch enemy Paul who invented Jesus worship to kill Jesus’ very message!

This is answer to one Christian fellow whose knowledge of not only but also of Christianity was appalling!

Your understanding of Quran and Islam is appalling. Not only this, your understanding of even bible is equally hilarious. This is the month of Ramadan. You may visit almost any masjid throughout the world and you can see how Quran was preserved from Day one.

As the Quran revealed it was immediately memorized by heart and became essential part of regular five times a day congregational prayer. Muhammad pbuh who could not read or write was gifted by the God to immediately memorize it by heart automatically. He used to lead the prayers five times a day and recited the Quran! Most companions also memorized. It was also put to the pen immediately through dictation on leather etc.

Paper was invented after a few years and it was put on paper in the most scientific manner. Four standard copies were made, some of which are still available in some museums.

Translations can never be close to original. You give one big paragraph to 10 different people and check the difference yourself. Quran is the living miracle as it is the only book in its original language and still it is as fresh as on day one 1450 years back!. Any honest person will admit this. Christians today are not following Jesus but rather Jesus’s worst enemy Paul who shrewdly invented personality worship of Jesus to kill his very message. Barnabas was deceived by him in good faith but regretted all his life. Jesus’s maternal cousin James and other disciples rejected Paul.

Paul invented trinity. Later followers of trinity massacred Unitarian Christians; details of that can be seen in Ahmad Thompson’s book “Blood on the cross”! Quran is a living miracle and being the final divine book Allah has protected it word by word and fresh frozen Quranic Arabic which is humanly not possible.

Yes Allah deceives evil. They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best planner! His corona virus with a total cumulative weight of only 1 gram has shaken the entire world! It’s time to repent! You can’t win against truth. Falsehood can’t survive a strike from truth! Truth smashes the head of falsehood and it’s brain comes out! I request you to be honest and study Quran with unbiased heart; that will be the best thing you did for yourself ever!

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