Covid19 – a wrath of Allah!

The total cumulative weight of corona virus across the world is only one gram and yet it has made all so called big & super powers to surrender to it! All mighty giant economies are knocked down and sword of death is hanging over the neck of everyone!

I firmly believe that current corona virus is a form of wrath of Allah, the One and Only God, the Creator and Sustainer of all of us and the entire universe! It’s a wake up call for all of us!

It’s obvious that the God all mighty has not put the world on “autopilot”! He watches, listens, responds to the cries and manage every bit of our lives and affairs! As there is going to be a real eternal world, the man has been given enough chance, opportunities, resources to do good or bad; as a result man does not get his reward or punishment immediately! These rewards, good or bad are usually deferred for a later eternal life!

The God all mighty has created man (both man and woman; here word “man” is used in general context!) with intellect, wisdom, consciousness and guidance and man is expected to make best use of it! The God is immensely kind and caring so He may forgive our mistakes and shortcomings and does not immediately punish us. He has enormous patience!

However when limits are crossed He is swift and most powerful to punish not only individuals but also the entire nations! There had been many historical examples! These include drowning of all creatures except those on Noah’s arch! Fault of the people? Disobeying God’s commands and taking partners with One and Only God!

The other examples include the following;

– Destruction of nation of Prophet Lot in response to their disobedience and their indulgence in homosexuality

– Destruction of nation of Aad and Thamoud on their mischievous and dishonest behavior and their taking partners with the God.

– Transforming a group of Children of Israel (Ya’qoob or Jacob) into pigs and monkeys on their violation of Sabath!

– Drowning of Pharaoh and his followers while chasing Moosa (Moses) and his people! The God all mighty saved children of Israel (Muslims of Moosa)!

The God all Mighty’s punishment my take many forms! If an innocent is killed or injured that’s not His punishment but it’s rather His reward in the Hereafter in the form of deletion of his sins from his record and elevating his status! Sometimes a man is punished through his wealth, status and children etc.

The question arises what have we done wrong??? The answer is too many wrongs we committed! These wrongs include both acts of commission and acts of omissions! Several countries are involved in most brutal State Terrorism and practicing apartheid for example by Israel and India. Mass murders in Iraq, Syria, Rohingya etc.

Remember remaining silent on a crime being bbq committed is a crime!

Last but not the least; the question is what the God all mighty is and what are His commands? Of course to answer this prime question is we need information from God Himself. The guide must be in its original language as translations can never be equal to original! And that book of guidance must comprise of the God’s words exclusively and not a narration and the book must be free of dust and rust of the time and place! Do we have such a book? Yes indeed and that’s none other than Quran! Quran is a living miracle that can be seen and tested by each and everyone of us in any part of the world! It’s kept ever-fresh and ever intact letter by letter and word by word over 1450 years with no conflict with science

If we want to come out this Covid19, we must do soul searching, repent and correct ourselves. Don’t be shy and aloof! Speak out against injustices and against all inhuman practices!

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