Corona Time! A Time for Reflection & Self Accountability

Absolutely This is the time to repent, seek forgiveness and correct ourselves. Allah (the God all Mighty) had given similar warnings before when they did not listen! Allah removed their calamities; they got very relaxed and then suddenly Allah’s severe punishment came and everyone was gone with the wind!

Numerous examples are there beginning with the Prophet Noah (PBUH). The main reason for the destruction of nation of Noah was their taking partner with the God all mighty! Allah has given man best intellect and He wants us to use our intellect in the best possible way. He has further guided us through His prophets who were the best and role models. These teachers were given divine books 📚 destruction so that people can live a peaceful life.

The nation of Prophet Lot, a nephew of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was destroyed mainly for indulging into homosexuality.

Some nations were destroyed for their mischievous business practices. Among the previous nations only nation of Prophet Younus heeded to the warning! So they were saved from severe punishment.

Each one should see if we are not doing something which we were supposed to be doing? Or we doing something we are not supposed to be doing! Are we doing something for our suffering human beings in Palestine, Syria, Kashmir, Burma and India, at least making Prayers for them, speaking against injustices etc.

May Allah forgive us and correct ourselves. A creature so small that 300 millions can fit in a pinhead can destroy all the economies and do what we are witnessing! Subhan Allah!

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