Ibn e Sina was part Arab and Arabic speaking. Mehmood Ghaznawi was “madly” loved science and research! He brought great scholars like Bairuni and financed them! His “Ghulam” Ayaz was Governor of Lahore and made numerous educational institutes. One can not change the name; a Muslim remains Muslim whether in Pakistan or USA- it was a deliberate plan to deprive Muslims from their great contributions in science. That is still going one! Once I presented a lecture on Great Muslim Scientists in PIMS grand round, then ED tried his best to stop! During lecture he was calling me to stop and immediately one to his office; of course I didn’t. After the lecture I went to his office and astonished to find so many people from Ministry of health and WHO to stop the lecture! You may remember Musharraf deleted topics of Muslim scientists from text books along with Quranic Ayas! Now again we have Mush-Zardari cabinet

Prophet Muhammad PBUH instructed Muslims to not to enter and not to leave from Epidemic area about 1450 years back! Muslims’ ablution five times a day and frequent hand washing before meals and through wash perineal areas with water after urination etc and ablution goes a long way towards prevention of infectious diseases

Ibn e Sina’s book “Al-QA noon” remained standard text book of medicine for about 6-7 centuries in European Medical Schools! His book’ title is wrongly translated from Law of Medicine to Canon of Medicine!

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