Corona Curse can be transformed into a Blessing only if we;

Instead of wasting time into useless activities and making our kids indulged into idiotic cartoon programs we can grow ourselves and do things for which he had no time! We must do serious soul searching and ask several questions from ourselves like;

1. Do I know exactly how to spend my life in the best possible way?

2. Who is our and entire universe’s Creator and Sustainer ? Is He sleeping or has he left the entire universe on auto?

3. Does He care for us? If He does, how?

4. From where I can get 100% authentic answers to these questions ? From where can I get the guidance to spend my life in the best possible way?

First realize that universe is not on auto! It’s so well organized that it’s not possible at all to be without the One extremely wise and extremely powerful taking care of it diligently, the One Who created it and maintains every bit of it. We are made up of Zillions of cells and each cell is far far more complex than the entire man made industry! Very active DNA in each of our cell is taller than ourselves! And it’s true for each earthly creature and we have very little knowledge about non earthly creatures like angels and jins e.g. Satan and his clan; not necessarily his followers!

Corona virus, much much smaller than a bacteria and can’t be seen under light microscope has capacity to kill thousands and destroy world economy! Corona is created by the same Creator Who has created all of us! It’s fully controlled by the very same Creator! It did not attack us without His explicit orders! So why is He angry with us?

Big nations and big dictators and kings like Pharaoh had been destroyed in the past! When nation of Prophet Noah indulged in worshipping false gods all people were drowned except the one who worshipped one and only God, the Creatir and Sustainer of the Universe. The nation of prophet Lot was destroyed when it got engaged in homosexuality. There are many many other examples

It’s God’s way to first give enough time for our self correction; if we fail to do then comes a warning like this Corona virus, if we repent and ask for forgiveness and try to correct ourselves, we are spared but if not then a relaxation time is given when everybody forgets what was the warning then suddenly a big punishment comes with no respite!

From where I got all this information?? Of course from nowhere but Quran; absolutely authentic book by none other than our Creator and Sustainer, the loving God all Mighty Who is also very strong in punishment! How I say the book is of God and how I say it’s absolutely authentic?

Answers are simple; No other book in the world! Show me one book as old as 1450 years old preserved letter by letter, word by word in its original language and yet its as fresh as today and as easily understood and as relevant as it was then! Not a single of its predictions went wrong!

Muhammad (PBUH) bring the final messenger of the God and a messenger for entire world had to have such a divine book! It’s a living miracle which can be seen and read by everyone! You can easily download it and read it with translation in your own language or in English etc.

You will agree that translations are not equal to the original text. Other divine books like Torah and Injeel (Old and New Testament) are not in their original languages and have undergone lot of man made changes and have lost authenticity. Man written books like Talmud are full of busses. Non sense and sometimes very racist! The God has not left the world on auto! So caring and loving God, the God can’t leave the world without proper guidance and without listening to Hus creatures particularly man! Only He has the capacity to freeze the journey of a language and make it ever fresh! Quran is therefore a living miracle!

So if we are stuck at home please do study Quran seriously and teach it to your family members and friends! I am sure this would be the best thing you have ever done for yourself! Reject all biases and disinformation you have about Islam; true Islam. This distortion is produced by the very same people who have robbed your basic rights, peace, family life and money; almost everything! They know Islam which had been one and only true religion from Adam till The Day of Judgement by the One and Only God has the ability and capacity to free you from their shackles of slavery!

Now you have all the time to do soul searching! Where we have gone wrong, why I had been worshipping false gods. Why I was not worship and obeying true One and Only God? Why I remained silent over mass injustices and massacres of innocent human beings!

As Quran is the book of the God it describes God in His own words! Please do study this book which undoubtedly is the most precious and most rewarding gift from Our Creator and Sustainer, the One Who gives us life and death, disease and it’s cure!


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