Innocent Aafia Siddiqui on her 17th Anniversary in maximum confinement Jail!

This poem was written several years back! Now I think the entire world is under wrath for our being silent on such heinous crimes!

It is about a year ago that I was here

The judges were freed and reinstated

Much has happened but went nowhere

The case of missing persons was not restored

We paid tributes to Aafia

But her condition is worse than before

The lawyers had no results

Despite being heavily paid

We gave the US all it asked for and even more

But could not even get back our great daughter

A year ago, I told you a story about a chicken

May be you thought it was cute and a little laughter

Yesterday we did not care for the innocent

Now they are coming for our house

Our streets are roamed by the terrorist

In the form of Black water and dirty mouse

Now look at just the past year

For every pain she suffers

And for her every anxiety and tear

A greater setback our nation suffers

So what did we do? We had resolutions,

Many great talk champions and heroes

Tons of promises, empty speeches and slogans

But when it comes to results, All but Zeros!

Today I ask, WHEN will we see some some dignity

Are we willing to forgo dignity for the loans and AIDS

Or we will have some courage, spine, honor and audacity?

If we put our trust in Allah alone will need no AIDS

Will not stop speaking about Aafia and her children

Until they are all safely back in Pakistan

Unless all missing people are brought back

And until justice, merit and law are respected in Pakistan

By Anwar Ul Haque

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