Innocent Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s 17 long years in Maximum Confinement Prison Thanks to Prejudiced Zionist Judge and Manipulated Jury

Mike Mullen Should Fight this Terrorism if he isn’t a liar! 

Mike Mullen said to Pakistan ISI and military to fight against all sorts of terrorism and not be selective. See who is saying and what is he saying. If ever Mike Mullen spoke and took concrete action against World’s Number Terrorist State i.e. Israel? Has he ever uttered words in favor of poor Palestinians who are the sons of soil of Palestine who adopted Arabic Language and Islam as religion centuries ago!. These sosn of the soil Palestinians are spiritual and religious descendant of Moses (Peace be upon him) to whom Allah All Mighty assured the promised land. The GOD all Mighty is not racist. He is the most just; for example when wife and son of Noah did not walk on his path, they were drowned. When Noah pleaded that his son is from his house, the God All Mighty totally rejected that saying he is not meaning only the true followers belong to the Prophets and the leaders. Likewise Pharoah and his followers were all drowned in the sea. Quran described those followers of the Pharaoh as “All” which generally is taken as family members while certainly soldiers of Pharaoh were not his family members. When Abraham (PBUH) asked God to make his descendent as “Imam” (Leader) the God immediately corrected him saying His promise does not go to he ones who do not follow Islam. Needless to say like Adam and Noah, Abraham’s faith and religion was Islam.

Therefroe the Jews of today and particularly the Zionists have nothing to do with Moosa (Moses, peace be upon him); actually most of them are spiritual descendant of Pharaoh and Nimrod. Late Dr. Asad who was former Jew and reverted to Islam had close relations with Jewish leaders had proven in debate with elders of Israelites that the Palestinians are son of the soil and not migrated people. The top Jewish leaders could not deny that.

The racism and the callous behavior of Judge Berman was very much in line what I said; he was acting as a mini Pharaoh and Nimrod when he sentenced Dr. Aafia for 86 years without proving any crime. Long time worker for Zionist owned TIME WARNER and was recommended by the ultra racist Zionists, he had extreme bias against Islam and Muslims. The Jury was manipulated and a clearly very very wrong and unjust decision was handed over; a decision in perfect harmony with world’s most racist and wicked book Talmud which regards all non Jews as “talking animals” making all all crimes e.g. murder, terrorism and fraud etc perfectly kosher and automatically forgiven by the God on Yom Kippur. The arrogant Zionists call non Jews gentile which in Hebrew means bastard. Even the meaning of Israel (“servant of Allah”) had been changed to the one who wrestled with Allah! Height of idiocy and arrogance!

Dr. Aafia had already spent 17 long  years in jail for no crime but for caring for the world and particularly for America. She was abducted 17 years back along with her three young children. She is still in jail and her youngest son Salman is still missing. Long Live American claims of Human, woman and children rights.

One senior member of Musharraf’s team had privately admitted that he handed over this family to USA! It was a common knowledge that Mush administration made lot of bucks by handing over innocent people to USA.

At this juncture may I request all people of conscience to stand up and demand her immediate release. The world is tired of Zionist lies and false propaganda. Only idiots of highest grade will buy such absurdities that a frail Phd scholar of very humble and human nature, mother-in-law of 3 little kids will embark on Jihad in Afghanistan carrying breast fed Babby and a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. If she was so brave she would have gone alone. She even didn’t know a word of Afghan languages i.e. Pashtoo and Persian.

Lets all stand up for truth and nothing but for truth. Lets remember Dr. Aafia, Mr. Slameh, Rachel Corrie and  Michael Zebhur; the first two for their totally illegal, unjust imprisonment and the last two for their sacrifice of their lives for standing up for truth. 

Lets all alive newspapers and media tomorrow bring out special edition in remembrance of Dr. Aafia. 

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