The Reality of Corona Virus: Reality vs. Myth

Hafiz al- Asad (father of Bashar al- ASAD ) killed 30,000 Muslims in Homos City of Syria in one day by carpet bombing and the entire world media including American media concealed the news! Syrian students in America brought out pamphlets describing this heinous crime! The boys looked honest and decent but no news in the free media at all! How can this happen? If 30,000 dead fish found at a shore Media would have gone crazy! I had doubts in my mind regarding this information. However my doubts were removed by none other than Israeli ambassador to USA Mr. Aaron who in a heated firing exchange of words with Syrian ambassador to USA posed the question explain why did you kill 30,000 in one day in Homos by carpet bombing? The Syrian Ambasador had no justification!

This is how media controls our minds, ears, eyes! This video from an Indian doctor is an eye Opner! I wish someone can dub this in English! So far 20000 people have died from Corona I.e.10,000 less than what ASAD killed in one day!

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