American Zionists’ Extreme Brutality; Absolutely Innocent Mother of 3 Young Children Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Sentenced for 86 years in Maximum Solitary Confinement Prison!

Imagine a brilliant, very humane and caring PhD Scholar from MIT who always stood first in all her examinations throughout her life granted 86 years imprisonment by an extremely biased judge and manipulated jury!

She has already spent 17 years in prison without seeing her children after she was handed over to America to grab some dollars by dictator Pervaiz Musharraf who was brought in power by CIA after toppling popular elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Tired and sick of her ex husband’s cruel treatment she was able to get divorce! She was planning to move from Karachi to settle in Islamabad to work for a hospital in the field of Children’s Cognition improvement. She was on her way to Islamabad when local agencies in collaboration with American agencies abducted her.

She had with her a six month old Salman, 2 and 1/2 yr Maryam and 7 year old Ahmad. Ahmad was kept in Karazi’s jail in Kabul for years while she was kept in CIA jail! She was often physically tortured and brutalized. On one day with a movement of curtain she got up to see who was there, the trigger happy American soldier fired on her, the bluet went through her abdomen. Luckily she survived after transfusions, She was later transferred to USA where she was granted maximum imprisonment!

They put a lot of false charges against her including that she had gone to do jihad in Kabul! Imagine a mother of three, breast feeding her 6 month old boy and accompanied with 2 and 1/2 year old little girl and 7 year old boy going for jihad in Afghanistan knowing not a single word of Pashto or Persian! All charges against her did not hold water and dismissed in the court but then she was given 86 years on a newly drafted charge that she, a 30 Kg weak lady snatched a gun from a tall robust security guard and fired on him. When her lawyer asked if there were her finger print on the gun? The answer was clear No! They said it was not necessary as one colleague of the guard gave testimony!

The security guard had no sign of injury! This was the height of justice when matters come to a Muslim woman or a man! The human and woman rights organisations did not raise hue and cry and remained deaf, dumb and blind till today! All appeals to American Presidents and First Ladies hit the deaf ears!

Dr. Aafia as her teachers and colleagues testified is a soft spoken and caring person! She loved American people and out of her shear love for Americans she said that out of all people Americans deserved Islam, the most! Perhaps this was the real reason for handing over her such a cruel punishment!

On her 18th anniversary of brutal imprisonment this March 2020, we request all those who truly and sincerely care for human rights to raise their voices against this brute injustice! If they can’t release her, let her meet her children every three months! Better still to send her back to Pakistan where she can spend rest of her imprisonment term with her children!

We are not begging mercy from stone heart or worse beasts! Soon we all i.e. prisoners and their abductor shall leave this world and then we will stand before the all Mighty Creator & Sustainer Who will dispense the utmost justice! Where we will be standing there???

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