First Tell British Government How Imran Khan managed Jail Sentence against Nawaz Sharif!

Justice Arshad admitted that he was blackmailed by the agencies to get an absolutely wrong verdict against Nawaz Sharif! He was afraid that if he declined to obey then this video might ruin his life and he would have no option but to commit suicide; however his conscience bothered him to the extent that he could not have good sleep and told the story to one of his close friends who leaked it to the media! Imran’s Government managed and even used Pakistan High commission in London not to verify the statement of Justice Arshad’s friend’s leak instead he used Pakistan courts to force to get the friend back in Pakistan to put him in jail to silence his voice!

Interestingly even after this disclosure no action was taken against the agencies and even baseless verdict against Nawaz Sharif was not withdrawn!

Nawaz Sharif who had several serious medical problems was deprived of proper treatment and was mentally and psychologically tortured! Some even thought that his almost fatally low platelets might have been some kind of poisoning in the jail for example pesticide and arsenic!

Imran is known to be a compulsive liar and master U turner! Enemies of Pakistan can’t be having better Prime Minister! A life long playboy character whose Zillions of pictures and videos are with them to manipulate and blackmail him!

Now Imran has written a letter to British Government to deport him while Nawaz Sharif is waiting for a heart surgery! Needless to say that Imran and company made fun and joke of Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif who was suffering from lymphoma, a lymph node cancer! Ironically one of the comrade of Imran who declared late Kulsoom Nawaz’s malignancy a drama and fake! Unfortunately he himself developed cancer and succumbed to it! Imran’s Shaukat Khanum Hospital even did not treat his cancer and pathetic Imran did not attend his funeral prayers! This was not surprising as Imran did not even attend his mother Shaukat Khanum because he was going to loose a few bucks for not attending one or two county matches! Later however he exploited her name and disease to make billions!

While Imran is rightly criticizing Modi’s State Terrorism and suppression of media but with what face? He himself is involved in suppression of media including social media! While living in huge 350 canal palace in Islamabad he destroyed the very small homes of poor! Late Justice Saqib Nisar did not even call in Jamima for cross questioning about Imran’s immense wealth! Hypocrisy thy name is Imran Niazi!

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