Days of Zionist Israeli Terrorism are now numbered!

Final battle is rapidly shaping up! All Zionists are on one side; capitalist, communist, atheist, “religious”, Israelites, Iranians and so on! Pharaohs and Nimrods if today are about to meet their logical end as the pattern of All Mighty God does not change!

Zionists and their equally racist and fascist Brahmins and alike will also sink together!

In the past too Zionists were severely punished for their arrogance, tricks and schisms! Some were even transformed into monkeys and pigs! The God all Mighty has warned them that if they repeated the mischiefs they will be punished severely again!

Zionists have buried Moses (PBUH)’ divine book Torah and now they are following the world’s most racist, fascist and terrorist book I.e. Talmud that regards all non Jews as talking animals and permit all sorts of crimes against them! And in their wishful thinking all their crimes are automatically forgiven on Yom e Kippur! Absolutely non sense!

The Zionists are no more chosen! They were chosen as a role model when they had Torah in their hands; but no more! Change of direction in prayers from Jerusalem to Kabah built by none other than Abraham (Ibrahim) (PBUH) signaled that Muslims of today as before are the chosen as they have God’s fully preserved and ever fresh final divine book al- Quran!

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