President Trump’s State of the Union Speech; a mixed bag!

Always Truth!

Out of two ‘evils’ President Trump may be regarded as lesser evil; but lesser with a narrow margin only😝! Hillary was no doubt a bigger evil! As the American media and politics is fully controlled by Zionists, truth is massively suppressed if it goes against Zionists! First a sticker of so called “Antisemitism” will be stuck on you and then not only media but even Wikipedia will smear your truth based comments to make naive Americans and Europeans totally confused!

The Zionist anti defamation league in many respect is Defamation League against Islam and Muslims! Why Zionists are so scared of Islam? The simple answer is Terrorists and evil mongers do not like those who can tie their hands and rescue humanity from their clutches! The blood suckers of humanity will not tolerate those who will stop them from sucking blood of poor! Unfortunately by and large Christian world has…

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