India has never been such a terrorist giant empire! Witness its demolition soon! Don’t miss this historical event!

Time to dismantle it like USSR & let all oppressed & occupied states to liberate 

USSR was once upon a time a Giant occupying so many independent states by force! There was massive suppression of human rights and mass murderers and other crimes against oppressed and suppressed! We thought we will never see a time when this giant evil empire will come to an end but then thanks God the Empire crumbled under it’s own weight and many states got their independence! Although much still is desired! Same is the situation with Evil Brahmin State India which is no less than USSR in terms of suppression of human rights and freedom of expression!

India time and again openly and blatantly violated UN resolutions, occupied states with force throwing all promises and commitments in the garbage! Indian Government knew very well that Western countries will not lift even little finger over her brutalities and illegalities! When comes to “Economic” interest they care little about humanity and human rights! For example Life long terrorist and wanted criminal Modi was given thumbing reception by none other than President Trump himself! Prior to Trump, Obama and then First Lady danced with Indians to “strengthen”economic ties!

Hindu religion as reflected from fascist, extremist and extremely racist Modi and his Government’s policies and actions will no longer be able to sustain the counter reactions from the suppressed and oppressed ones and will for sure soon crumble under its own weight!

History has shown that when people are pushed against the wall they begin gorilla moments and then even mighty forces have to surrender! America had to leave Vietnam and Russia had to leave Afghanistan!

With such a narrow mind and tunnel vision, Brahmins constituting less than 3% of the Indian population while grabbing over 80% wealth and resources certainly will not be able to sustain their control and writ over widely divergent Indian population!

It seems that in very near future Brahmin Empire will collapse and get fragmented! This will be no less blessing than reunion of East and West Germany and liberation of ex USSR states! Indian held Kashmir will be liberated along with Khalistan for Sikhs, Hyderabad Dakkan, Juna Gar and Asam etc! For the first time Dalits will have their own homeland where they will not be subjected to daily gross humiliation and considered “untouchables”!

History is about to write another remarkable page! The world will soon to witness a new Dawn! Let’s not miss it!

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