Terrorist Schism of Imran, MQM, Chauhdari Brothers, Agencies and Qadri


یہ PTI اور قادری کے دہشت گرد ہیں, پولیس آفیسر شوکت کے سر پر اتنے ڈنڈے برسائے گئے کہ وہ اسپتال میں زخموں کی تاب نہ لا کر شہید ہوگیا- ماڈل ٹاون میں قاتلانہ حملوں میں قادری، چوہدری برادران , MQM, PTI اور ایجنسیز

ملوث تھیں تاکہ شہباز شریف کو بدنام کیا جاسکے

In order to defame and bring down Nawaz Sharif, International Zionists in collaboration with their puppets Qadri, Imran Agencies, MQM, Chauhdari brothers carried out massacre in Model Town Lahore! Panama conspiracy was hatched out against Nawaz Sharif! Pak Judiciary played in their hands and did on going massacre of justice! These Satanic terrorists killed police officer SHAUKAT by batons on his head! The Zionists have only single eye of greed and materialism while their eye of humanity is totally shut as explained by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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