Imran Khan’s Speech at UN!

Definitely Imran is a good speaker and we are very emotional nation! We had listened to Bhutto’s very dramatic speech in which he tore the resolution which resulted in fall of Dacca! Hypocrites and dabba peers always speak sweet, nice and impressive! Quaid e Azam read his speeches at many occasions! One should also try to respect the time allotted to you! As this problem happened first time I.e. violation of 370 so naturally reaction will be now! Success of our foreign policy can be judged that we could not get support if even 17 countries required for tabling resolution. Seems we did not try hard as we had already sold Kashmir and now playing dramas!
The real question is will this speech liberate Kashmir or decrease their miseries? In last 70 years India did not have courage to do this and we are telling her war is no option!
We should have at least ban all commercial flights in Pakistan airspace! Quran e Majeed clearly tells us about characteristics of Munafiqeen (Surah al munafiqoon and 2nd ruku of Surah al Baqrah! What’s the performance of Imran over last one year? The prices, dollar etc! The fact is Zionists are fully controlling and their creation Qadyanis etc are all over! May Allah save us from this leadership and bring some very honest and competent leadership! Aameen. Putting someone in jail without proving is absolutely wrong and clear violation of basic human rights as well as against Islamic teachings! You are innocent until proven guilty! But here we just blame and arrest him for months and months!

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