Free Kashmir

For more than 45 days entire Indian occupied Kashmir is under curfew. If you come out of house, you will be shot dead, a clear message given by India’s life long terrorist Prime Minister Modi. He violating all UN resolutions and promises bluntly annexed 8 million strong Kashmir. Modi was a wanted terrorist like Begin of Israel. Both Israel and India don’t give a dime to the World and its resolutions.

After an Implanted PM Imran Khan in Pakistan it was easy for Modi to carry out his ugly and out right terrorist plan. He cancelled the 370 section of Indian constitution granting Kashmir special status. Imran was on board so in Pakistan’s National assembly he did not want to condemn Modi’s cancellation of 370. Imran did not even impose embargo on Indian commercial airplanes to fly over Pakistan’s airspace. People understand his crocodile’s tears on situation in Kashmir to which he himself is a party for collaborating with Modi. During his last visit to USA the deal was fixed by Modi, Imran and Trump. While other relevant people like Pakistan army chief and Bilawal Bhutto were also present in USA. Imran is currently playin scripted “World Wrestling Match” with Zardari and Bilawal while several of his ministers are from Zardari’s PPP.

There is lot of anger among Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and many people want to cross Line of Control to fight 900,000 Indian terrorist army. But its Imran who is stoping them to help Modi. Imran did not even utter a word over Modi’s unilateral cancellation of Shimla agreement. All this proves that Imran is a party to Modi’s action. However hardly anybody is buying Modi cum Imran action in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. People are extremely angry over Imran’s move as they feel betrayed. Imran had been playboy, womanizer and gambler in his life (some details can be seen in Wikipedia). He has put most of his opponents particularly Nawaz Sharif and PML (N) into jail on mere baseless charges without proving them. In one case agencies apparently put heroin in car of his one of the bitter critics Rana Sanaullah who was fearing his arrest on political grounds. Imran had earlier said that “I will catch him with his mustaches and put him in jail”! Imran is right now extremely unpopular due to his exceptional incompetency and utter dishonesty. He regards breaking promises and commitments as big virtue. As Quran says Satan glorifies bad acts of person in his eyes so that he keeps doing more evil acts digging himself deeper and deeper in hell.

On Modi’s arrival in New York a big protest rally will be held insha Allah, against him condemning his brute violations of fundamental human rights. Kashmiri people have all the right to fight back terrorist Indian army with force. You can’t expect people to keep tolerating all violations of human rights and enslavements. To fight against State Terrorism is Not terrorism; its freedom moment. World must be told about Hindu extremism and particularly RSS ideology and practices which aim to eliminate Muslims and other minorities Modi happened to support and patronize RSS terrorism. How world leaders like Tump and Obama ignore grave terrorists like Modi and Natanyahoo and yet try to pretend themselves as upright and moral person.

Please also like and join our facebook page titled “Free Kashmir” . Some pics from occupied Kashmir and a rally in Chicago against Indian brutalities.

Sincerely yours;

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

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