Most incompetent and morally bankrupt (ex) Chief Justice Saqib Nisar who facilitated massive rigging and destroyed even medical institutions!

16:09, 3/30/2019] +1 (908) 619-8089: Amir Yar Khan, the CEO of PKLI resigned . Following his is letter of resignation.
[16:09, 3/30/2019] +1 (908) 619-8089: I had resigned from PKLI last month (letter attached) after, despite all efforts, the cabinet approved the PKLI Act 2019. This Act comprehensively takes away any autonomy we had which is a pre-requisite to run any facility in a modern and efficient way, let alone a future Harvard of Pakistan, which is what we had set out to make. I needed to put this post up to avoid the dozens of calls I’m getting and to help avoid confusion and rumours as well as saving myself from explaining the same thing to multiple people. 

The well respected adhoc management committee placed by the SC convinced me to stay (letter attached) at least while they were functioning due to which I had to defer my resignation in their respect, however, without any liability to stay after they had gone. The adhoc committee was disbanded along with the ditching of the suo moto case against us by the new bench of the honourable SC.

What has happened at PKLI should be a case study for why Pakistan could not succeed like some other countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Japan and Germany, despite having some of the best minds in the world in all fields. The PKLI Act 2019 practically gives complete control of the institution to a bloated government bureaucracy which has no clue how to run modern hospitals, while dumps responsibility on an executive which is not given the authority which would enable delivery. People who are professionals and motivated to deliver will never be able to accept such an appointment. Small people sitting on big chairs – the tragedy of Pakistan.

Another remarkable thing is that just 3 months into the partial inauguration of PKLI with rudimentary out-patient services only, a suo moto was taken by a biased CJP claiming that PKLI had wasted money and were ineffective in still not being able to conduct a liver transplant. He did not stop there, he humiliated and threatened us in the court and specifically told me by name that he would put me behind bars! The ridiculousness of all this is incomprehensible. The icing on the cake was that after that every institution or segment of society jumped on board singing along with the ex-CJP making PKLI the child everyone desired to kick and shame! Not only the courts, but the media, the vile and lowly forensic auditor with questionable credentials, the anti-corruption establishment, the auditor generals office, two individuals from the NAB, FIA, Punjab health care commission, our own colleagues from local hospitals, you name it, every single person went after PKLI with a battering ram for 11 months. Sad part was no one spoke up for justice. Even more tragic was that those cognisant of this torture, chose to remain quiet. 

I just salute each and every member of my team who despite all this, continued to toil and brought the facility to a level where just this month we have conducted three successful liver transplants. Despite all the filth spewed against PKLI and dragging us down in litigation, I take pride in saying that within the last six to eight months we have developed the best ICU and dialysis services in the province, the only OPD in the public sector where consultants see and are held responsible for every patient and the only public sector facility where you can expect safe liver and kidney transplants. PKLI has also made HMIS, EMR, Infection Prevention and Control, Quality Assurance, Waste Managment, hepatitis elimination, hepatitis bill etc buzz words which are so essential to implement proper health care in Pakistan. This is no small achievement and kudos to the PKLI Family for all this and much much more.

I had hoped that after the conclusion of the suo moto the new government (now relieved from the pressure of the ex-CJ) would reverse the draft PKLI Act of 2019. That has not been the case. They are “know it alls” there. They are people who, for whatever reason, are so upset at the PKLI Managment that literally no one has ever even bothered to contact the PKLI Managment to even briefly discuss what we were about and how we planned to achieve what we had claimed. The contempt for PKLI has been obvious from not only their facial expressions but also from their complete lack of any meaningful communication with any one of us.

While PKLI was independent I never got a single call from any corridor of power asking to treat, hire or promote someone. Just two weeks or less into the PKLI Act 2019 and the government takeover, I am inundated with requests which I (now damaged with a year of government agencies’ unjust investigations) now cannot ignore without some stress of consequences. Is this the environment in which professionals can perform?

We are told by the government that PKLI will be an independent organisation like Shaukat Khanum. Let’s not take the Pakistani people for a ride again, like all previous governments have. Read the PKLI Act 2019 and please explain to me how anyone can possibly believe that!

PKLI has been a love and a passion for me. It has consumed me completely for more than 2 years. It has often come before my family and always before my health. It is so painful to leave that I will likely detox for the next 6 weeks. However, when there isn’t even a sliver of hope for achieving what I had signed up for, one has to take a stand on principles.

I wish from the depths of my heart that better sense prevails in the future and PKLI blossoms. Ameen.
[16:27, 3/30/2019] +971 55 558 3283: Next person who has resigned is our entrymate jehangir Abbas and the stores he has to tell are unbelievable
[16:52, 3/30/2019] +1 (908) 619-8089: Kashif Malik- 33rd entry also resigned

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