Real Story Through Pictures!

This person killed tens of innocent Muslims! Punishment? A luxurious jail with all conceivable facilities!
Welcome to UNO
Freedom of Press. Fake News! Fake Media!
Real Osama who actually vehemently condemned 9/11 on 9/12 (Very next day) saying although we have differences with USA but attacking and killing not allowed in Islam as published in Ummat Karachi
A fake Osama from a video released by Pentagon. Islam & Muslims had been defamed through fake videos and fabricated organizations like ISIS,, Bokoharam etc. Ever thought why Islam is targeted by evil throughout the world! Just compare the two pics above! Is he the same person??? Lies, lies everywhere and at all levels!

Rita Katz making all fake videos to defame Islam and Muslims. These fake videos are carried as News by fake News and fake media not only in the West but also in the 3rd world and Muslim world!
Quran, the final and fully preserved word by word and ever fresh Divine book of guidance, strength and blessings is the target of the Zionists in this 3rd World War! The book being the miracle takes humanity with speed of light!

ISIS; a fake organization to defame Islam and Muslims!

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