The God is One & Only; He is like none!

Just imagine the entire universe; uncountable stars including our earth; a drop in the ocean and then see ourselves made up of uncountable number of cells and each very very tiny cell is far more complex than all the industries of the world combined! And that’s also true for each and every creature on earth! All so complex; i.e. Creature as a whole, . Tissues. Cells, Ultrastructure including DNA, RNA, Genes, then Molecules, Atoms. Protons and Electrons etc!; all I’m complete submission and so perfectly organized!

Our micro environment is no less complex and no less managed than our macro i.e. universe and all so well managed, so well organized and so dynamic and responsive! The Creator of all this can not be imagined! Certainly our Creator is not a human being, not an animal, not a statue! When Hus creations are so beautiful how beautiful He Himself would be? beyond imagination! How powerful He would be? Beyond imagination! , Who can describe Him; no one but He Himself!

Will He tolerate anyone beside Him; of course not! So He is One and the only! We can’t see Him but we can see Him in everything! That’s the One and the Only God!

We can find His attributes in divine books and through His human messengers! But to be authentic the book has to be in its original language as translations are never equal to the original, hundreds of different translations can be done of one single paragraph! The divine book to be reliable must be in its original language; but languages change with time so in order to be ever fresh and understandable the time effects including dusting and rusting has to be stopped for the divine book! Who can do that? None but the God Himself! So where is that book? So absolutely preserved and ever fresh! Best news is that That the very book exists and that book is none other than Quran! The best book, the best guide and the best gift from the God Himself; it confirms the teachings in all previous true divine books; but this one is the final and eternal so it is kept rust and dust proof, ever lasting ever fresh and ever guiding to the right and best path; ever connecting us with the God all Mighty!

Quran and is a light killing the darkness, so evil forces of darkness have made so much false propaganda against it! All sorts of schisms and fraud one can imagine! So don’t buy them, you are intelligent and smart, read it yourself; don’t know it’s language, try to learn it but since then get an “authentic” translation but translation will not give you all the beauty hidden in it, however it will convey the message and the facts! So to know our Creatir, Sustainer, Healer; the Mist Compassionate, the Most Merciful we have to read His final Book in His own words and not a narration  by someone else!

This is so wonderful, so enjoyable and so useful we will God willing will keep bringing its excerpts once in a while! So please stay tune with our blog alwaystruth or Newworlddisorder (so named to expose the evil forces who come under disguise of New Wirkd Order!

Please submit your comments! You can find authentic copies of Quran anywhere in the world or on the net; if have a doubt find out from some knowledgeable Muslim in your neighborhood or at your workplace!

Thank you for sparing your valuable time in readingbalk thus! May the God all Mighty bless you!

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