“Useful” ISIS labels to kill innocent civilians & true defenders of motherlands!

Syrians are not only suffering at the hands of one of the world’s gravest terrorist Bashar Asad but also at the hands of Israeli stooges Russia, Iran, Hezbollah  and Western Governments! When Syrians try to have a democratically elected Government Israel gets extremely worried as Israeli terrorist & exploitation policies survive and thrive in darkness. Zionists do not want their policies to be debated and discussed in parliaments. All non-Muslim countries are under full Zionist control including their parliaments Zionists have no serious problems with them! In most Muslim countries Zionists are successful in implanting puppet kings, military dictators and pseudo-elected rulers! Zionist controlled CIA killed several elected leaders e.g. First Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated when he said No to Uncle SAM’s policies. Iran’s popular Prime Minister Mussadiq was removed through CIA orchestrated agitations. Egypt’s Dr. Moorsi was toppled by CIA controlled military Generals and Zionist puppet mass murderer Sissy was implanted and in Palestine when Hamas had landslide victory its Government was reduced and confined to Gaza strip. CIA using so called Muslim clergies and chain of overseas Turk schools! In Pakistan CIA implanted military dictators and corrupt leaders removing honest and hardworking leaders. CIA uses military and judicial coups and blind mob mobilization and violence! PPP knew Mush coming at least 4 months prior and its top leadership was hiding in London & Paris! Right now CIA is using Qadri and Imran Khran etc. to derail democracy and to halt Pakistan’s rapid progress.

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