Is Bokoharam have to do anything with Islam?

The news is that Bokoharam released around 300 Muslim girls which it had abducted in Nigeria some years ago! The entire world media said that “Islamic” militants released these Muslim girls. There are several important pertinent questions which everyone must ask! If Bokoharam was an Islamic organization why will it abduct Muslims girls who were Islamically dressed and apparently following Islam! Why such crazy organizations abduct children?

To get the correct answers you will have to go backward in the history about 800 years back in the age of Hulagu Khan (Hilako Khan) when Muslim rule was in Baghdad was about to end. An Ismili sect had established a pseudo-paradise outside Baghdad! Here young men were inducted and provided opium, alcohol and beautiful women! Once they got fully addicted, suddenly all these luxuries were withdrawn. Because of addiction, a severe withdrawal syndrome started and these young men were ready to do any thing to get the hard stuff! These men are called “fedayeen” (sacrificers)! They were given assignments of killing noble Islamic scholars etc.

Exactly same drama is being played today. Using pre-planned drama of 9/11 Israel created a “genuine” excuse to use Western blood and resources through NATO  to restore massive Afghan heroin for its underground Zionist controlled drug mafia! Mulla Omar had earlier rejected all offers of bribe and threats and had shown his willingness to “stone age” rather than violating Allah’s orders of prohibition of all narcotics and thus saving many Western youth.

Apart from minting and milking billions of dollars ever year through heroin, Zionists are using heroin addicts to carry out blasts here and there in order to defame Islam which they perceive as their biggest threat that has great potential to liberate America and Europe from their clutches, chains and shackles.

New World Disorder wants to remove all obstacles from its path. Alas they must realize that Islam being divine religion from Adam to Muhammad (p.b.u.h) can not be conquered! In the past racist and criminal Zionists tried to put Jesus on cross, but they miserably failed (Ref: Quran & Gospel of Barnabas). As Jesus was not hanged, he appeared later (Easter). Afterwards arch enemy of Jesus Rabi Paul (So called saint Paul) invented Jesus worship to kill the message and path of Jesus (p.b.u.h) But again Zionists failed as Allah (meaning the One and only God) saved Abraham, Moses &  Jesus path in His final divine book i.e. Quran and made it immune from all man made and time related changes; a living miracle!

Now perhaps you got the answer who abducted these Muslim girls and who created Bokoharam; like ISIL. Daesh Bokoharam is a Zionist creation to make children heroin addict in captivity!





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