Syria & Media

I was doing my residency at University of Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas . In one of those daya after Friday Muslim prayer in Greater Kansas City Mosque,  Kansas, USA around 1:00 pm some students distributed copies of a newsletter giving horrific details of mass murder of 30,000 innocent human being in Homos city of Syria by Hafiz Asad (Father of Bashar Assad) through carpet aerial bombing! The news was so shocking not just because it was one of the gravest mass murders but also because there was no news in the mainstream media! Considering that Hafiz Assad was considered Russian puppet and logically American media should have highlighted it on front pages of newspapers and in the TV news and media discussions. But there was pin drop silence! No obvious condemnation, no UN resolution! I was really confused! I thought may be the news was not correct! If 30,000 dead fish were to be found at a sea side, there would have been news everywhere and here we are dealing with human citizens of a city.

After sometimes I had to go to New York for some work. I was watching a TV face the nation type debate between Syrian and Israeli ambassadors. The elderly Syrian ambassador accused Israel of bombarding Beirut and killing thousands of civilians; on that Israeli ambassador Aaron  angrily asked Syrian ambassador “what about killing 30,000 human beings in Homos by Hafia Assad”! I jumped on sofa; so the news was real and “our” media and Government were so callus, so stone heart and their enmity to Muslims was so grave!

Considering the great contribution of Muslims to modern sciences and civilization that had pulled West out of dark ages and giving  them renaissance and paving path for industrial revolution it was even more painful. This however led me to believe that evil forces which have enslaved West are scared of Islam that it might free humanity from their yoke of slavery. The blood sucker draculla does not want victims to be free and he is afraid of only and only true Islam that has power to liberate humanity; same Islam that was brought by Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Peace be upon them) and finally & eternally preserved ever fresh in Quran given to Muhammad (PBUH).

Current turmoil in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and several other places again highlights the fear of Zionists and their puppets in the form of fake organizations like ISIS (Israeli secret intelligence Service), Daeesh, al-Qaeeda, Bokoharam and so called Islamic State and fabricated videos specailly made by Rita Katz using actors! Imagine  CNN ancherperson Chritiana Amanpur being caught red handed carrying fake OBL & family boarding cards at a Pakistani airport! Then French TV personnels were caught making fake videos of “Talibans” in Quetta, Pakistan. Fareed Zikaria another CNN ancher was found guilty of paliagrism!

These lies, fabrications and deceptions remind me the famous sayings of final messenger of God i.e. Muhammad (pbuh) that lie is death and truth is life! Insha Allah (God willing) truth will prevail and skull of lie will be smashed one day …. and that day is not too far!

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