Goodbye Obama! Will you do last minute good deed? And will we play our role in release of two absolutely innocent human beings from 86 year most cruel jail?

At this moment may I request you to release or at least repatriate two absolutely innocent human beings who were framed by wrong information. They were put in most painful imprisonment for 86 years for no reason! What could be bigger crime against an innocent human being. Just put yourself in their place and how your beloved will feel?

First one is Mr. Slameh who was framed by Mossad agent Josie Hudas who hired him as a driver. After some days she ordered him to rent a Ryder van for her. She then used the van to carry out a blast at World Trade Center killing 5 innocent Americans. Slameh had put his boss phone number on rental agreement. NY police traced Josie Hudas apartment through phone number and found bomb material and drawings in her apartment. This was shown on breaking news on CNN! Perhaps CNN didn’t know at that time that Josie Hudas was a Mossad agent. As as soon as it was known she was off the hook and allowed to quickly off to Israel. Poor unemployed Slameh who knew nothing about evil  plans in his potential employer’s mind was drilled and awarded 86 years in rigorous imprisonment! His American lady lawyer provided by Government publicly said that it was the worst massacre of justice in the history of USA! Actually through Slameh all Muslims and Islam were defamed and imprisoned!

Second tragic case is that of Dr. Aafia. mother of 3. She is PhD scholar from MIT and always stood first in her class. Her teachers and colleagues testified that she is very humble,  caring, humane, cooperative  and extremely bright. She was arrested by Musharraf men and US agencies which were misinformed by Musharraf who was making money by handing over innocent Pakistanis to them and also by her psycho husband. She suffered a lot at the hands of her psycho ex husband. At the time of her abduction by combined Musharraf and US agencies she was with her 3 children age 6 month. 30 months and 7 year! Young Salman is missing since then, presumably killed, 2 1/2 month Maryam was kept at some unknown place and 7 year old Ahmad was kept in Afghan President Karazi’s  jail along with 300 Arab orphan children. He was subjected to regular beating and kept in chains all the time. As a result his one sided hearing was lost and his feet got deformed!

The mother Dr. Aafia was subjected to worst torture and even shot by a nervous US Sargent when she stood reflexively after hearing sound of moving curtain. Tons of lies were uttered against this noble soul by evil forces but all these lies held no water in the court and in the end she; a frail weak lady of < 50 pounds was accused to have snatched a gun from 6 ft tall robust American Sargent and pointing toward him! The gun carried no finger prints of her!

Will Obama have courage to repatriate her to her home country where she can spend rest of her “term” so that once in a while she can see her two kids and they can see their mom? OR will we play our role in getting these and other innocent human beings from jails. Do you know that Islam does not permit jailing people except one day maximum for interrogation and Quran the wisest book recommends emphaises release of prisoners and feeding them?

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