Easter: Muslim & Unitarian Christians Viewpoints!

Today is Easter Sunday and Christian celebrate for seeing Jesus (p.b.u.h) again after his apparent crucification on preceding Friday (Good Friday). However Quran very emphatically says that definitely he was not crucified but they were deceived. Quran’s clear saying is enough for Muslims as without any shred of doubt it’s Allah’s (the One and only real God) book Who had protected and preserved it word by word and letter by letter along with all its fragrance, understanding and motivation in its original language over more than 14 centuries; a living miracle as languages drastically change over such long period! However for Non-Muslims Quranic version is amply supported by circumstances as well as by Gospel of Barnabas! Barnabas was the closest disciple of Jesus and his narration is far more authentic than any other bible which are written many many years afterwards. None of the bibles are as preserved as Quran.

Jesus p.b.u.h. has told that in one supper that one of his disciples will betray him. That companion has sold himself for little money to the Zionists who were deeply involved in interest transactions. Like IMF they were indirectly controlling the Roman Empire through loans etc. As Jesus was vehemently condemning interest and regarded it a mean of sucking blood of poor, the Zionists became his enemy & decided to kill him through buying one of the companions of Jesus!

The traitor took police to get Jesus p.b.u.h arrested as Barnabas vividly described but did not find him in the room where Jesus was supposed to be lying. As he was returning to police to inform them that Jesus is not there Allah transformed traitor’s appearance into Jesus like. Soldiers immediately arrested the traitor however the traitor could not understand why police is arresting him. He protested, shouted that he was not Jesus and acted in funny way as soldiers put cross on his shoulder and made him to carry. As he was extremely irritated and confused soldiers began laughing at him and spat on his face. The crucification day was a festival day and Roman emperor had deep inside sympathy for Jesus so he said that he will forgive one of the two prisoners destined to be hanged and asked people to vote for the person whom they do not want to see hanged. He thought people will vote for Jesus as he did not commit any crime or sin against them but all the Zionists unanimously voted against Jesus and in favor of a diehard criminal! The traitor about to be hanged was very irritated and was acting funny so again Roman King tried to save him considering him Jesus saying that what will they gain by hanging this mad man!

Anyway the traitor who looked like Jesus was hanged and news spread that Jesus was hanged. Mary p.b.u.h was alive and as she got the news about her son, tears came in her eyes, however after a short while Jesus met his mother and told her explicitly that the person hanged was not he! Later Jesus gathered all his followers in an open compound of a house and delivered a beautiful sermon that is well recorded in the Gospel of Barnabas. Angels then came and lifted Jesus to the sky right in front of them.

After ascent of Jesus the arch enemy of Jesus Zionist Rabi Paul played drama of personality worship of Jesus and in this drama he cleverly killed the message of Jesus! He invented the theory that Jesus has paid for all their sins so do whatever they like in sharp contradiction to the teachings of all true messengers of the God including Jesus. The unitarian Christians followed Jesus but vast majority of Christians fell in trap of Paul and today they are following Zionist enemy of Jesus rather than Jesus p.b.u.h. himself! The trinitarian Christians later tortured and killed many Unitarian Christian as well documented by Ahmed Thompson in his book titled “Blood on the cross”.

The Bosnian Christians were unitarian and when they got exposed to Quran in Turkish era they almost all reverted to Islam as Gospel of Barnabas had crystal clear signs and predictions about coming of Muhammad. p.b.u.h

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