Why are we so defensive?

We as people strongly condemn all terrorism; may that be of so called Pakistani Tehreek e Taliban or that of MQM or that of so called religious organisations or global terrorism of India, Israel, Russia and Western countries. But our leaders are very defensive!

While Pakistan is the victim of gravest terrorism we lack courage to condemn sponsors of these terrorist attacks; for example;
1) NATO has supplied the most sophisticated weapons & highly inflammable material to Pakistan’s # 1 terrorist organization MQM! MQM has used this latter material in burning alive of lawyers and 2000 factory workers and torching shops in Boltin Market and timber markets in Karachi! But we do not have courage to condemn NATO or even to ask NATO and CIA to stop patronising MQM
2) Several so called religious organisations of different sects had been created by CIA in Pakistan which carry out all sorts of terrorism yet we do not have courage to condemn CIA
3) Indian PM has openly admitted India’s full support to terrorist organisation of Mukti Bahani in EAST PAKISTAN but we forgave and forgot with a smile!
4) India had openly supported convicted terrorist Sarbejit Singh.
Indian Government officers had openly and blatantly asked to pardon that diehard criminal and terrorist!

5) Pakistan has numerous proofs of Indian terrorism in Pakistan for example; Peshawar school attack, Mehran Naval base attack, Kamra air base attack, various attacks in Baluchistan, India’s training of MQM terrorists, Samjhota train attack etc. But we have deafening silence! Why we do not shout and ask Indian Government to punish the culprits and pay Pakistan the compensation?
6) We do not condemn British Government for giving sanctuary to Pakistan’s top wanted criminal i. e. Altaf. Zionists through MQM have killed many Scholars of Quran e majeed! Look at our helplessness we can’t even remove MQM’s Governor in Sindh! And now we appear to soon have a wanted criminal as Mayor of Karachi! Why MQM is not outlawed on its numerous terrorist acts?
7) We do not expose the fact that NATO is instrumental in restoring billions of dollar heroin smuggling to the West!
And in this grave silence not only Government leaders but also so called opposition leaders and “our” Media is involved! “Our” media often projects terrorist leaders on TV screens in various talk shows as “honourable” guests and “intellectuals”!
8) Pakistanis have witnessed humiliating and insulting bagging of Sheryar to India for playing cricket! And how was he humiliated in India! Similarly how Qasori was humiliated on introduction of his idiotic book in India!
We must begin respecting ourselves! And this is NOT possible till we connect with Quran! Quran is THE connection between us and our Creator Allah ta’lah; once we are connected with Him we do not fear any except Him alone! And this so called global war on terrorism by Zionists and their puppies and puppets is actually a war on Quran as Quran alone can liberate suffering humanity from cruel Zionist claws!
As our Government is taking action against Jaish we must demand India to take strict action against criminals of Samjhota express, against trainers of MQM terrorists, against RAW officials behind Balochistan terrorismagainst RAW officials behind Pakistani school attack in Peshawar, against people who attacked PIA office, against those who sponsored terrorism in Sawat, Kamra and Mehran.
In Pakistan we MUST remove MQM Governor, outlaw MQM , demand NATO and Afghan Government to stop massive heroin terrorism and take stern action against those who actively cooperated with India in carrying out Mehran and Kamra attacks and in so called Ajmal Kasab fraudulent event! Ex interior minister MALIK, ex foreign secretary and other high Naval officials must be investigated!
We condemn all terrorism and we are fully aware that so called Daish, ISIL, so called ISLAMIC State and alQaeda are all Zionist terrorist organisations and “escape goats” for Israeli and Indian terrorism! These “bad” orgainzations are created to justify actions against good guys!

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