Why are we so defensive?

Always Truth!

We as people strongly condemn all terrorism; may that be of so called Pakistani Tehreek e Taliban or that of MQM or that of so called religious organisations or global terrorism of India, Israel, Russia and Western countries. But our leaders are very defensive!

While Pakistan is the victim of gravest terrorism we lack courage to condemn sponsors of these terrorist attacks; for example;
1) NATO has supplied the most sophisticated weapons & highly inflammable material to Pakistan’s # 1 terrorist organization MQM! MQM has used this latter material in burning alive of lawyers and 2000 factory workers and torching shops in Boltin Market and timber markets in Karachi! But we do not have courage to condemn NATO or even to ask NATO and CIA to stop patronising MQM
2) Several so called religious organisations of different sects had been created by CIA in Pakistan which carry out all sorts…

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