Pervez Khatak & PTI’s War on Islam!

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
The most devastating attack on the Islamic roots of Muslims of KPK was made by its Chars addict Chief Minister Pervez Khattak; making English as primary educational language of all Schools in KPK. As Iqbal pointed out very well;

وہ فاقہ کش کی موت سے ڈرتا نہی ذرا
روح محمد اسکے بدن سے نکال دو

(He is not afraid of dying due to starvation, pull out Muhammad’s p.b.u.h from his body (Iqbal) referring to Satan giving instructions to its pupil.
The brave Pashtoons and Afghans have badly defeated British, Russians and now combined forces of all mighty world powers under the banner of heroin peddler NATO. Their these magnificent victories were based on their strong connections with Quran e majeed, Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w and Glorious Islamic history with heroes like Great Companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them)Khalid bin Walid, Slahuddin Ayyubi, Muhammad bin Qasim, Babar, Shahabuddin Ghori and Mehmood Ghaznawi. But Charsi Pervez Khatak on recommendation of his guardians has decided to cut the Islamic roots of Pashtoons in most deceptive way so that they may have little association with Islam and Islamic History!
Some may say that language has nothing to do with cultural and ethical values and faith; but in this regard our enemies are far wiser than these retards victim of immense inferiority complexes! So called Atta Turk with Jewish Greek mother and a known Zionist puppy immediately changed the script of Turkish from Arabic alphabets to English as a mean to drive people away from Quran e majeed. Same was being done in Malaysia too. In Pakistan same thing was tried but Mir Khaleel ur Rahman founder of Jang group foiled the attempts! Pervaiz Khatak who had held his last election campaign meeting in Mardan in a factory ground that happened to be owned by Qadyanis seems to serve the Zionist aims as per London Plan. Instead of bringing the medium of instruction in Hi Fi schools from English to Urdu he chose to do otherwise under the deceiving wrapping of equalizing education.
In this regard nation also did not approve Mian Nawaz Sharif’s speech in English at UN although the contents were generally good! I hope that the nation will wake up from its deep slumber! No one is denying the importance of learning English if required.
Indian Government after illegally occupying princely state of Hyderabad Dakkan, not only massacred about 300,00 Muslims but also burnt 80,000 original Urdu books at Usmania University covering all aspects of sciences and arts. Indian Government also systematically removed Arabic words from Hindi and replaced with Sanskrit so you will see marked difference between Hindi news and Hindi films & songs while later are easily understood by Urdu speaking people, former is very difficult to understand!
I hope the nation’s sane and caring elements will join hands disregarding part affiliations to protect the ideological frontiers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. No honorable and proud nation will adopt the foreign language as primary medium of education. In the end I will point out Japan which despite Hiroshima & Nagasaki & humiliating defeat did not compromise on its language and retained national Japanese language as primary medium of instruction and schools. Both Iran and Syria have all their under and postgraduate education in Faarsi and Arabic respectively just like Usmania University of Hyderabad Dakkan which had all teaching in Urdu including medical and engineering. Even countries like Veitnam translate all new arrivals in textbooks and digests like Readers’ Digest in Vietnam’s national language. Every country has several local dialect languages but they retain their one national language. We hope that brave and faithful Pashtoons and entire Pakistan will NOT allow demolition of our ideological frontiers which are no less important than geographical borders!

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