Ethics, Disease and Community!

What does ethics have to do with diseases? And who determines what ethics is? These are two important fundamental questions which come to mind when we ponder upon a particular behavior as ethical or unethical! The issue is further confused when question of legal versus ethical is raised. Are legal actions necessarily ethical and illegal actions unethical? Is there same uniform criteria to determine “legal” across the globe. An illegal action in one country may be quite legal in another country.
The legality also had been changing over time. For example at one time slavery was legal although everyone at heart knows that it is not right and no one wants to be a slave. Despite ban on slavery in many countries, slavery is still rampant at the state level. Nations are controlled through implanted and/or “controlled” rulers! Those who benefit from slavery care less about legality or ethics! They impose slavery through brute force, underhand political influences, attractive slogans and media manipulations!
The recent decision of American Supreme Court regarding gay “marriages” has brought up these issues in lime light as the decision has wide implications. These implications are not merely related to social life or behavior of certain individuals or groups. If that was the case it would not have been even worth talking about! But to condone and “legally” accept those behaviors which are proven detrimental to the society is something else. This decision creates an impression as if such behaviors are totally benign, innocuous and carry no threat to the society. This is far from truth!
On one plane human soul, mind and body are fully integrated and on the other hand individual, family and society are linked. All these dimensions are intertwined and affect each other!Disease of soul e.g. criminal mentality affects mind and mind affects body and likewise self affects family and the society!
Male and female gender are seen in the entire earthly kingdom. Man, animal, bird, worm, plant have all this differentiation. Without this most basic biological distinction and differentiation the species will not grow and propagate. There are very powerful behavioral and emotional characteristics based on genetics, hormones, physical and mental developments. And these differences can be seen at very early stages of development. The physical development and characteristics are in harmony with the role and the works required by each gender.
Man being the crown of the creation has many distinguishing features based on the gender differentiation. This includes the distinct powerful institution of marriage and human relations i.e. husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, and cousin , etc. And all this is very natural. The American Supreme Court’s decision is a devastating blow not only to the basic Nature and biology but also fundamental human institutions and to the very fabric of human society! Marriage like dress is entirely human characteristic! It is not seen in animal and plant kingdom. Marriage and associated phenomena are responsible for “family life,” society and all associated colorful activities. Same Sex, Equal Sex etc slogans may seem attractive but hold no water! Life’s realities are quite different! Respecting gender differences does not mean discriminating against one sex over other! In some respect females are superior while in other males are! Recognizing emotional, behavioral and physical differences is wise and just and not the other way. Ignoring these differences is absolutely foolish like eating through nose and seeing through ears! People can have equal rights but not the “same rights”. A lay person can’t be given the responsibility of treating the patients and flying the airplanes; here distinction is made on the basis of education and training , etc. Father cannot be mother and mother cannot be father!
Quran clearly respects feminine characteristics; for example in case of witness it requires two females; not because female has less intellect but because they can freely mutually consult each other; here respecting the natural shyness and reservation in woman, the reason being clearly mentioned in Quran. Similarly females are exempted from congregational prayers keeping in view of their duties as mothers wife, etc.
Homosexuality has brought along with it numerous medical and social problems! It has also caused billions and billions dollars to the Governments and the people! Homosexuality has strong association with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) that in turn is associated with myriads of infections, some malignancies and mental disorders! The AIDS virus infects not only attack our defense cells such CD4 lymphocytes, macro-phages, mucosal dendritic cells but also microglia of brain. The autopsy or postmortem examination has revealed over 90% AIDS patients having some form of brain involvement. Various psychological and mental health problems are therefore not surprising. Many innocent individuals such as newborn babies and recipients of blood products had acquired these serious diseases as “friendly fire” or bystanders! The hospitals and clinics in USA are cramped with AIDS patients. Huge amount of medial bills are paid to them through insurance system thus laying enormous burden on each and every individual. Socially homosexuality has ruined numerous families. Wives are shocked and dismayed to find their husbands gay attitude and relations! Of course with destruction of family children are the most sufferers!
Homosexuality is thus not an individual problem or benign phenomenon of selection of one of the behaviors. Its has profound negative effects on individual, family, society and economy. This brings up the fundamental question who has given the right to few individuals may that be the judges of Supreme Court to give verdicts against such basic and fundamental human institutions! Certainly they are not the God all Mighty. Such issues require immense knowledge and wisdom thats not present in any individual or groups of individuals. Only the God all Mighty has required immense knowledge of human nature, human psyche, knowledge of past, present, future and utmost wisdom to create such institutions as marriage, family and society. Going against nature carries severe penal-ties; in the past it had been destruction of nations through specifically marked stones and in the present times AIDS & related disorders & demolition of family and society with dreadful results. While forces of destruction are very active, its high time that the forces of construction unite and actively discharge their duty to save humanity!
We must negate the false and pseudo-scientific notion spread by powerful but evil media that some people are born with this kind of choice or trend! Its like saying that some people are born with tendency to lie, cheat, steal or even kill! The caring God has not left us without ever fresh, ever protected divine book i.e. Quran to guide us!

Anwar Ul Haque
Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, AJK University,
Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir

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