Same Terrorists Everywhere in Every Niche

Global & State terrorists by and large are same whether in Palestine or Egypt! They are also the same disregarding their mode of terrorism e.g. War, Crimes, Mafias, Money, UN, Media, Drugs & image image image image image image image image image image imagePorno etc! NATO for example restored 62 billion $ yearly Afghan heroin for Zionist controlled drug mafia under disguise of “War on terror” and that “war on terror” required a justification so 9/11 by the same Terrorists!
Solution requires a miracle that can work on all and everywhere! It requires a miracle like Mose’s stick that changes snakes into ropes And that miracle is no other than Quran! So it’s not surprising that “war on terror” is war on Quran by same terrorists!
Interestingly most individual terrorist attacks involve heroin addicts & this addiction produced or exploited by the same terrorists!
Can one see heroin drug attack against humanity at large by NATO & it’s guardians? In order to justify their actions these global terrorists require local terrorist moving in different directions like wheels moving in different directions in same clock but to achieve one “goal”! Media fabrications and defamation are part of this game and can be seen for example by Rita Katz’s SITE making fake videos using actors and then these videos are treated as “News” by White House and such “credible” media mafias as BBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek etc! These spread these “movies” Holywood style as news to confuse people like me and you!
Note: The figure of 62 billion yearly of heroin growth is taken from UN report on NATO controlled areas in Afghanistan!

One thought on “Same Terrorists Everywhere in Every Niche

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    In this jungle of lies, fraud and dramas we must not loose hope. Truth as Quran says smashes the head of falsehood! Truth as Muhammad p.b.u.h said is life while lie is death! So please spread the light of truth; it will kill the darkness and people will be able to see clearly!

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