Teaching Non science and Nonsense as Science! Editorial in latest edition of International Journal of Pathology

Teaching Non S005cience and Nonsense as Science! Editorial in new edition of International Journal of Pathology

 Human beings are bestowed with super intellect and astuteness along with capability of acquiring, retaining and reproducing all knowledge. The angels who are manager of day to day affairs are made to bow down and obey man. Man can conquer the world but not the Satan, the rejected one! Indeed he can easily become its slave and then Satan can use man’s intelligence, brain power, knowledge and “wisdom” for evil and destruction. The man by following satanic path reduces himself to the lowest of the low and can do unbelievable frauds based on absolute lies and fabrication! One of the most glaring examples of such is Darwinism and theory of evolution! Both of these are not based on any solid scientific grounds and evidences! Their flaws are quite obvious but yet these theories are widely accepted by many people thanks to powerful media and unified textbooks engaged in deliberately propagating outright lies and deliberate fabrications! Darwin theory thrives on assumption that all living things emerged from one cell and that cell happened automatically by random chance! We know for sure based on solid statistics that a cell which is millions of time far more complex than all manmade industries of the world cannot be created itself! Even not a single cell membrane is created by chance! Second equally wrong assumption is that similarity means transformation one into another! If a monkey has two eyes and walks on two legs it does not mean that man is derived from monkey! In addition to these outright flaws, there is brazen faulty assumption that everything that exists can be seen, felt, heard or experimented upon! Based on these assumptions bacteria, viruses, electrons and genes would not simply exist a few years back! How wrong that supposition is quite evident! The complex and elaborate repairing mechanism in every cell and mutations are essential for its survival and adaptation; an open testimony to the wisdom and care provided by its Creator! While no body will buy that a pencil could be created by itself it’s really hilarious to believe that creatures zillions time more complex and highly regulated and managed will automatically be created without a planner and a creator! The crux of the matter is that the proponents of Darwinism and evolution want to deny the Great Creator who created and sustains entire universe with utmost perfection and balance! It will also be illogical to think that that such caring and wise Creator will abandon His creatures and particularly human beings who are made Governor on earth and will not guide them! That Greatest Creator therefore sent His messengers with divine guidance at different time and at different places! The last, final and ultimate divine book is Quran that as promised by the Creator will remain absolutely preserved and protected. No force in the universe will be able to change it or produce similar book or even one of its chapters even if they jointly try it! When we ask the proponents of Darwinism and evolution to bring any book similar to Quran that is absolutely preserved & protected in its original language, that is free of dust and rust of time and that has no contradiction with science and which has been far ahead of scientific discoveries they have no genuine answer! By disgracing and lowering human beings to monkeys, cows and insects, sanctity of humanity and human life is snatched away! By making man just another animal; shear materialism, immediate gratification, ruthlessness and terrorism at all levels and in all forms is promoted! Some even make schizophrenic claim as can be seen in Int. j. pathol 2015; 13(1): 1-2 2 Talmud that they are only human beings while the rest of the mankind is simply walking and talking animals and hence all sorts of injustices, unfairness and discrimination is justified against them! We are therefore witnessing utmost racism and global comprehensive terrorism in every walk of life by those who have succumbed to the Satan. While their “eye” of material growth is ultra sharp and deeply penetrating; their other eye i.e. eye of humanity, character, faith and virtue is totally shut. The single eye has become a symbol of new world order or rather disorder! It’s a fact that there are many modes of learning other than simple reading or writing or watching videos! One of the principal and concrete ways of learning had been divine teachings communicated to us through the noblest messengers of the Creator such as Adam, Idrees, Noah, Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismaeel (Ishmaeel), Ishaq (Isaac), Ya’qoob (Jacob), Yousuf (Joseph), Moosa (Moses), Dawood (David), Sulaiman (Solmon), Issa (Jesus) and Muhammad (p.b.u.m). These great people had unblemished character and untarnished wisdom. They had miracles; Moses’ stick, Jesus’ miraculous cure of lepers and Muhammad’s Quran. Muhammad (p.b.u.h) being the final logically should have had a miracle that could be seen and tested all the time by everyone all over the world! When chance creation of very simple items such as pencil is not possible, the possibility of immensely complex items having many layers of highly organized organelles and particles; fully integrated within and outside is absolutely impossible. Wrong deduction and conclusions based on similarities makes no sense. So why not believe in that the wisest and the most powerful Creator Who not only created this immense universe from huge planets to small electrons but also managed and controlled them! The Creator has not left the world on autopilot! The caring Creator who placed us as Governor on earth will leave us unguided and keep no communication with us is unbelievable! On contrary it makes perfect sense to accept the facts recognizing our own shortcomings and limitations rather than making hilarious assumptions in the form of absolutely unsustainable theories and then to propagate these with help of powerful media and textbooks! This dishonesty, manipulations and monopolizing must cease for the betterment of the individual and the society! Prof. Anwar Ul Haque Department of Pathology AJK Medical College, AJK University, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir Pakistan

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