Roses of Jannah


Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem

Roses of Jannah!

Anwar Ul Haque

So fresh, so beautiful, so innocent, so fragrant!
These roses of Jannah, children of Palestine!
So cool, smiling at the cowardice of terrorists!
Alive in Jannah, happy, playing! Enemies burning!

All world’s might could not defeat them!
They are the winners in every game!
Children so cute, “adults” so fool!
You can snatch our bodies but not our soul!

With closed eyes, sleeping so calmly
Killers jerky rats running hole to hole!
Shooting from distance & dropping bombs!
Cowards have no guts to even fight them!

We; the children of soil, given our blood
To bring life to this sacred, blessed land
Our Prophet led prayers of all messengers
Our blood sanctified this mystic land!

We are descendants of Abraham, Moses, Jesus
We are followers of Muhammad, the best!
Fresh, preserved Quran in our hand!
We are chosen, we will teach you how to live

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