Press Release: Pakistan Medical Organization


 Dated: Saturday, August 02, 2014


Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque (Consultant Pathologist)

116. St. 49 F 11/3 Islamabad 44000

Cell: 03335129849


Pakistan Medical Organization has (PMO) has strongly condemned the grave State Terrorism against innocent civilians of Gaza. More than six hospitals are also attacked killing many patients, their attendants and paramedics. Many ambulances are purposefully targeted and destroyed. Schools, streets, homes, markets, Masajid, powerhouse and universities are attacked. Israel is acting like a rabid dog and a mad elephant. Instead of stopping its madness, the so called champions of human right, women rights, children rights and democracy are either shamelessly silent or even supporting this deliberate genocide and war crimes.

Although Muslims have always treated Jews without discrimination and granted them equal status during their glorious rule in Spain & Baghdad and which is acknowledged by fair and honest Jews in such Journals as New England Journal of Medicine, the contrary is not true. The Zionist state of Israel is active and engaged in both chronic and acute flare up terrorism. Sharon was known for his massacre in Shatilla and Sabra camps where defenseless and unarmed women and children were massacred in thousands! Began was known wanted terrorist who also killed many innocent women in camps! This shows the “bravery” of the Zionists who are inflicting heavy damage to the mankind through spreading of vulgarity, interest based transactions, IMF, World Bank, Secret organizations like Free Masons, Rotary Club & Lions Club and numerous mafias like MQM in Pakistan and Italian and Spanish mafia.

The Zionist State of Israel did 9/11 and put the blame on Muslims to “justify” attack on Afghanistan to restore yearly 62 billion $ heroin smuggling for its underground drug mafia. Truck loads of heroin smuggled from Afghnistan under NATO control! Who is paying the price? NATO soldiers, NATO countries, Afghans who are laying down their lives to resist the NATO occupation and who is making enormous money? Of course mainly Zionist drug mafia! And don’t forget the young people who are addicted to heroin and who will suffer more than a cancer patient.PMO regard this as “Medical Terrorism”! The Zionist State of Israel is responsible for all sorts of terrorism including inciting wars, crimes, media terrorism!

PMO condemns all US Senators and Congressmen and regard them as absolute slaves of Israel. Each one is trying hard to please and assure of his loyalty to Israel. When Israel deliberately attacked USS Liberty, President Johnson and Secretary McNamara did not help quickly and efficiently dying and injured US Naval Officers and when a ceremony was held to “honor” survivors of USS Liberty attack, the media was banned to enter the room where ceremony was taking place and Bush did not even enter the room. This bitter truth shows the status of slavery of USA to Israel!

While USA economy had suffered a lot by serving the wrong and terroristic demands of Israel, there are many in USA who are unemployed and living below poverty level. All this indicates that the Governments of United States of America do not trust in God; otherwise they would not be acting against God’s clear commandments, neither they are brave or bold. Like other Western Governments they are part and parcel of New World Disorder; as being manifested in Gaza right now! There is a dire need to liberate USA and other Western Countries and Russia from the slavery of Zionist beasts who are definitely Lowest of the Low!

We appeal to all sincere and honest human beings to do whatever they can to stop Israeli genocide and war crimes in Gaza.

Anwar Ul Haque


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