Israel has lost the War!

Israel has lost the war!

Israel stands fully exposed as well as it’s supporters and patrons! Israel dwarfed Hitler! This is acute Israeli terrorism; which is grave befitting single eyed Dajjali (anti Christ) regime whose eye of materialism & greed is wide open while eye of humanity completely shut as imprinted on one dollar note as well as on Free Masons etc!
On the other hand there is chronic Ongoing terrorism against people of world! This entails division and ignition of wars in order to sell weapons on exuberant price! Through Interest based systems through IMF, World Bank sucking the blood of poor! Toppling democracies & implanting its puppies to promote corruption, degeneration, vulgarity; examples are Toppling of Dr. Morsi, imposing Abbas, Musharraf etc. Massive Drug smuggling; 9/11 was done to justify attack on Afghanistan abusing resources of USA for restoration of 62 billion $ yearly heroin smuggling! Imposing heavy taxes on common people and escalating prices of common goods! For these objectives Zionists have created Communism, socialism, capitalism, religious groups like Baha’is, Qadyanis, terrorist political groups like MQM, mafias like BLACK WATER, Italian & Spanish mafias, gambling & alcohol businesses, prostitution etc. etc. secret organisations like Free Masons, Rotary Club & Lions clubs etc!
Luckily all these frauds are gradually recognised by intelligent and informed people of the world! As a result there is massive dislike and hatred of Zionists all over the world! It’s certainly not anti Semite because people do not hate good, honest & fair Jews! Many of those cursing Zionism are Semite themselves including Arabs and some honest Jews!
Only two countries of the world are free! Israel is not free as it’s total slave of Satan; the rejected one, US, West, Russia, India, many Muslim countries are not free as they are either enslaved by Israel or by puppies of Israel! Two countries which r not taking dictations are Gaza and Afghanistan of Mullah Omar! Both are very human and moral! Both r fighting mighty enemies with their slaves and supporters! Afghanistan defeated Britain, USSR and now NATO comprised of 50 mightier countries! Hamas is fighting against all odds like David versus Goliath! Israel is doing massacre from its inception and pre-inception & occasionally awarding its terrorists Nobel Prize of peace etc.

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