Mastermind of 9/11 is finally dead!

Mastermind of 9/11 is finally dead!

Anwar Ul Haque, MD

He was a big fat mass of protoplasm lying, motionless, helpless in bed for last eight years. This coward ruthless “man” was full of arrogance and hatred. His spiritual eye, the eye of humanity, moral values was totally shut! He as 101 Brigade Commander of Israel bulldozed many poor Palestinian laborers in their wooden cabins. The cabins were locked from outside so that they cannot escape! Remember American brave and courageous girl Rachel Corrie was also bulldozed!

Aerial Sharon also killed 3500 innocent, unarmed Muslim women and children in Shatilla and Sabra refugee camps of Lebanon. These were Palestinian refugees fled from Israel due to her constant inhuman treatment. Israeli court found him guilty of the massacre. But according to the most racist religious book written by corrupt Rabies called Talmud, non Jews are “talking animals” and hence all crimes, sins and injustices against them are absolutely justified. So killing of 3500 women and bulldozing laborers meant nothing. The Zionists are not following Torah, the divine book given to Moses (Moosa peace be upon him). In fact Muslims are following Quran which is very close to Torah as Quran is the final edition of all divine books and hence fully protected and preserved in its original language! The Zionists are following Talmud which make every crime Kosher for them!!!

Aerial Sharon’s massacres of Laborers and thousands of women are nothing as compared to his masterminding of 9/11! Mullah Omar of Taliban Government in Afghanistan had totally banned heroin cultivation which deprived Drug Mafia a yearly business of over 60 billion dollars. As the drug mafia like other mafias are under Zionist control Sharon took upon himself to reinstate this drug trafficking. After offering lot of delicious carrots and then threatening Taliban Government with sticks through American Administration Sharon decided to use Zionist puppy rulers of America and Europe for NATO attack on Afghanistan.  In order to justify sucking human and material resources of NATO counties he masterminded 9/11 through Israeli secret service SHABAK. An attack on WTC was planned and the blame had to be fixed on OBL who was then residing in Afghanistan! Smartly all Jews were barred from entering WTC on 9/11 so none of them got hurt. Demolition devices were inserted by Israelis with full knowledge of President Bush and some members of his administration! Sharon was shown on CNN saying to Bush “You will have to enter (Afghanistan)!

For the first time in history Muslim activists planned to take out public rallies in New York, London and Sydney to observe Shatilla & Sabra massacre on 16th September 2001. In order to halt those rallies and put Muslims on defense it seems that the planned attack was preponed by 5 days i.e. on 11th September! It may be worth noting here that WTC was also attacked on a minor scale several years back by Israel through its Mossad agent Josie Hadas killing 5 innocent Americans. CNN in breaking news had shown her apartment containing bomb material and paper designs. Needless to say Hadas is comfortably living in Israel while an innocent Palestinian driver Muhammed Slameh whom she framed is put behind bar for life!

Not only thousands of innocent Muslims are killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan but also many NATO men also! Of course this also imparted a devastating blow to the economies of these countries! The Zionist war machines companies, banks and other business ventures minted a lot of bucks though! The Zionists drug mafia not only made 62 billion dollars yearly in drug trafficking (Ref: UN report on heroin) but also caused lifelong addiction and maiming of hundreds of thousands youth mostly in the West!

This wicked man has gone to the path of hellfire where he will be roasted day and night for his heinous crimes! His one buddy Musharraf is facing serious cases in court. Who knows when this “man” with a lot of innocent blood on his hands also will join his buddy!



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