No Short Cuts; Sir!


No Short Cuts; Sir!

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque


Pakistani nation is looking for a miracle! No doubt that there is rampant corruption, lawlessness, incompetency, lethargy and indifference. The TV talk shows are merely intellectual luxury where learned people are engaged in useless battles where many try to defend the wrong by abusing their Allah gifted intellect. All sorts of crooked tactics are used  to “win” the battle. Media has become a mean to defame, distort information and spreading lies and concealing truth. The other role of media had become to spread vulgarity, break the ethical and moral pillars and keep wasting people’s precious time and energy.

The recent Qadri drama was another interesting American Wrestling Match which is always fully scripted. The Government and its allies were fully behind this dirty game. I was amazed a those ‘great’ thinkers and writers who would cry in love of the Prophet (PBUH) and yet they had developed soft corner for this schizophrenic, habitual liar, extremely corrupt and outright gustakh e rasool. The media was heavily funded and there are reports that many participants were paid but of course not all. There was a crowed of about 11,000 people including women and young children. Some are saying that he was saying some thing right Of course he had to say nice and good things to attract crowed. When Iblees deceived our grand pa and grand ma Adam and Eve (Peace be upon them) he showed them eternal green gardens but what happened? They loss their own gardens of luxury and bliss!

People are talking about and looking for change but they themselves are not ready  change! Amazing indeed! Some are themselves corrupt and supporters of corrupt! While others themselves may not be that bad but are not playing their active role in removing ills of the society. They are not playing their active role in spreading the good. They just keep spending their energy day and night in criticizing others; although their criticism is quite right but then what. Have we forgotten that the Prophet (s.a.w.) did not accept Kuffar’s offer of making him a king? The Prophet (s.a.w) knew well that without substantial change of the hearts and character no firm, sustainable and most progressive and healthy change can be brought. And finally when that change happened with the light of Quran it didn’t take much long to spread the boundaries of Islamic state from 4 square miles to 3,300,000 square miles in 30 short years. That was not simple physical conquests but rather victory of soul and mind introducing and founding the most glorious and glittering civilization and founding all modern sciences. They pulled Europe out of dark ages and led to Industrial revolution and renaissance. Only utter dishonest and unfair can deny these facts.

Isn’t it our responsibility to wake up from our deep slumber and sleep? Shouldn’t we start illuminating ourselves, our families and our society with light of Quran? Shouldn’t we start teaching illiterates; children and old in Masajid in between the times of prayers! Shouldn’t we teach Quranic Arabic so that our prayers become alive and have deep impact on our lives. If salah translates into actions our ills and evil deeds will disappear fast. Our so called secular media opposes the most effective remedy against corruption and yet it sheds crocodile’s tears on corruption! Quran e majeed is the ultimate miracle and has the same superiority over all books that Allah has over His creatures. How Quran will benefit even non Muslims could be gauged from the example of an American Veteran who was recruited in Gulf War. He said “Had you given this book two years back my wife would have died Muslim and the tears began rolling over his red beard…….

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