Zardari Unleashed 2 Rabid Dogs on Supreme Court



Zardari Unleashed 2 Rabid Dogs on Supreme Court

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

Zardari loved animals more than true human beings! His horses, camels and dogs had been famous as they were given the food which vast majority of Pakistanis cannot afford. In Sind Zardari tribe never held in high esteem. The tribe was known as Camel thieves! The tribe had reputation of stealing camels! Marriage of Benazir with Asif Zardari was certainly a mismatch. There was a hell of difference in terms of intellect but some things were quite common in two. As she has left the world we will not like to go more in details than what is extremely necessary. We all will leave this world and hope when we do we have some good acts with their lasting effects with us.
Even in his so called jail i.e. posh private ward of Pakistan’s most precious tertiary care hospital i.e. Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Zardari kept his dogs with him. I had seen him hugging them. Of course jhoota (liar) media of Pakistan did not show this picture, nor did they shoe the pictures of Zardari’s Adyala jail i.e. PIMS hospital.
Now Zardari is playing American Wrestling Matches or Muppet (Puppet) show. He has unleashed two rabid dogs on Supreme Court of Pakistan. Zardari, PPP and CIA see their death in true justice in Pakistan and even in USA where poor Dr. Aafia is sentenced for 86 years! Her fault utmost caring for common American people; which of course the ruling Zionist mafia does not like. The Zionist judge with deep hatred toward Islam and Muslims was appointed to conduct her case and he followed the most racist book written by Corrupt Zionist scholars whom Allah has regarded as donkeys carrying big burden of books on their backs. As donkey cannot get benefit of the knowledge so does these scholars! Instead of following the divine book given to them i.e. Torah they wrote their book Talmud which regards all non Jews as talking animals and all sorts of crimes against them i.e. killing, murder, cheating, fraud (They have actually listed all these crimes by name!) are absolutely permissible and automatically forgiven by the God All Mighty on Yom-e-Kippur even if the Jews do not repent and do not ask for forgiveness. Can anything be more racist? Of course Allah is not unjust and the fabrications and lies of Zionists will take them to eternal hell fire.
But lest come back to two Zardari rabid dogs! Zardari is trying to fool public and Supreme Court by first encouraging these dogs to go on Supreme court and running the news strips on the Jhoota media of Pakistan and having talk shows of AMericna Wrestling matches type (Which are all scripted) or Noora kushti. Kaashif Abbasi among others carried out these interviews where they apparently came hard on Fiasal Raza Abdi but in reality giving him i.e. Faisal Raza Abdi all the chances to mutilate the Chief Justice. It was interesting to see that the most corrupt and the most incompetent Judge i.e. Dogar was defended in this interview. Dogar carried out open fraud in the Marks Sheet of his daughter where he managed to increase her number by tempering. Both Kaashif and Faisal Raza Abdi were of the opinion that this issue should have not been raised! Why? Does her female gender provide her immunity against fraud and fabrication and illegal admission in a private medical college? Faisal Raza Abdi was deliberately unleashed on Supreme Court as a shock therapy and then using psychological impact of “punishing” by expelling him from central core of the party and prohibition on his entrance to the president house. Well Faisal Raza Abdi lives in a posh Five Star Hotel. That is his home. One can imagine his monthly expenses. Faisal Raza Abdi has declared Zardari as his god saying that if says anything against him, it will constitute kufr (exit from faith). Well Faisal Raza Abdi may be thinking to change his name to Kulbe Zardari (Zardari’s dog) and certainly he will feel honored by this name. Problem no matter how loyal and royal the dog it may be if dog goes rabid, it must be restrained and chained and all those who are bitten by him (those who are close to him) need immediate anti rabies vaccine.
While Faisal Raza Abdi is a hostile hyper reactive, frothy raid dog, the other dog is more kind of depressed type. Of course I am talking about Malik Riaz of Bahria Town. Pakistan’s liar media is promoting Malik Riaz too! Malik Riaz has hired several journalists to carry out propaganda against Supreme Court of Pakistan. One of the prominent journalists; who are notorious for black mailing and exploitation is the Chief Editor of some newspapers, at least one of which is owned by Malik Riaz himself. We have written a blog on Mr. Khushnood Ali’s buttering of Zardari and his family.
In college days National Student Federation (NSF), a so called leftist party but financially sponsored and supported by CIA used to use shock therapy. If you want to bring someone in your fold, first beat him and then all big shots of NSF go and apologize to him and invite him to NSF. The poor thrashed and shaken person felt it safe and ‘honored’ to join NSF! It seems Dr. Asim and his clan who were active members of NSF and very close friend of Zardari have advised to carry out this shock therapy on Supreme Court but they have forgotten that the honest and decent people of Pakistan will fail all these dramas and shock therapies. They are solidly behind the Supreme Court and if the circumstances go in the direction of Egypt, let it be.

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