Alawites are Israeli Agents and have full backing of Iran and Hizbullah

Why Alawite which constitute only 10% of Syrian population rule Syria? Why not free elections and people’s true representatives allowed to rule Syria? It was USA Government that imposed Haafiz Asad and his son Bashar Asad on Syrian people and is therefore responsible for all Asads’ torture,massacre and terrorism. Now USA Government (A Zionist slave) is protecting Asad through its Zionist slave siblings Russia, France and Iran!. Russia’s Putin is the worst foul smelling Zionist. Syria has been traditionally in Russian camp; since both camps are under Zionist control there had been underhand active cooperation. Iran and Hizbullah are active Zionist puppies too. Sound confusing? Not really; if you want to understand watch fully scripted American Wrestling Matches or Muppet shows. Israel control is through Zionists founded religions  like Bahis, Drose, Qadyanis and secret organizations like Freemasons, Rotary & Lion clubs and through different mafias e.g. Italian, Spanish crime mafias, MQM & different other sectarian mafias in Pakistan, Zionist drug mafia for which 9/11 was created and then NATO attack on Afghanistan was justified to restore annual 62 billion $ heroin (UN report), Economy terrorist mafias like IMF, World Bank, media mafia and UN & its progeny mafia like WHO. Alawite Hafiz Asad killed 30,000 human beings in one day in  Homas in 1980s and the world media including USA media remained totally blind. They didn’t even report the incidence. By chance in a heated TV debate Israeli ambassador Aaron with with Syrian ambassador he did mentioned it. This again reflects Triad of US Govt, Russian Govt and Media in Israeli support.

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