Why Shaitan Malik is not fired from his job?



Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem 

  1. Why Shaitan Malik has been allowed to continue as the Interior Minister of Pakistan?
    1. He is a die hard Qadaynai and hence a Zionist product with connection with Israel, India and MQM; the number of 1 terrorist organization of Pakistan fully backed by CIA, RAW, Moosad, Aga Khan etc.
    2. He is member of British secret service
    3. He is a Non Muslim and how he controls the central nervous system of Islamic Republication of Pakistan
    4. Why our religious and political parties are silent?
      1. Why are they not demanding Malik’s expulsion from Government
      2. Why are the not demanding cancellation of his senate seat as he was ‘elected” on Muslim seat
      3. Those who voted for him i.e. MQM members; they themselves are not truly elected as MQM ‘won” the elections on gunpoint
      4. Why another incompetent Qadayni i.e. Salman Bashir has been appointed as Pakistani High Commissioner in India after his retirement.
        1. He is part of ajmal Qasab case in which he, his brother and Malik had helped India in its fabrications
        2. Ajmal Qasab case was a joint India-israel drama in which inside help was provided by three Qadyanis as well Pakistani media such as GEO etc.
        3. Ajmal Qasab n reality is a Hindu and he was not killed in that incidence in order to continue the Bollywood film 

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