A Fox in the Town (Hillary Clinton in Islamabad)

A Fox in the Town
Anwar Ul Haque

A fox in the town roaming around!
Cheating and fooling around
Barking with wide frown
Biting like bitch, full of fraud!

Says Osama was in Pakistan
And we drowned his body in Ocean!!
Rita Katz making movies of them
And releasing CDs all from Pentagon

Carrier of Death with pride
Do more, do more, kill more
Flying drones all around
Insatiable appetite for human blood!

Riding on the backs of ponies and puppies
Zardari, Gilani and other donkeys!
Showing pasture without fail!
Lick her feet and wriggle their tail

RAW, KGB, CIA, MQM and Mossad
All together to create terror and Fassad
Attacks on Masjaid and PNS Mehran
Lakshman, George and others in Baluchistan

FOX is coordinating all activities in Pakistan
After facing a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan
Let India be in Security Council; how crook!
We can’t let Pakistan off the hook!

“I will look after your basket of egg”
MQM, Malik, Salman, Noman all in my bag!
Read my lips, don’t look at my face
Full of disgrace, I’m not from human race!

Rita Katz, Iraqi Zionist maker of all CDs on Osama and Al-Qaeeda, working for USA Government

Anwar Ul Haque, MD
116. St. 49 F 11/3
Islamabad 44000
Phone 0335129849

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