The World’s Most Hilarious Movie!

Date: Thursday, 12 May, 2011, 7:41

The World’s Most Hilarious Movie!

Movie: Killing OBL in Abbottabad

Producer: House of White Lies

Director: Rita Katz

Actors: Obama, Hillary Clinton, World Media

Osma Bin Laden’s Death Movie made in House of White Lies perhaps world’s most hilarious movie! It has replaced previous world’s most hilarious film i.e. 9/11 saga! Both movies are hilarious because of their high casts which include no less than Presidents of USA. This time it is President Obama while the previous film had Baby Bush. Both are made by active collaborations of Hollywood! The videos produced and directed by Rita Katz (An Iraqi cum Israeli, USA Zionist) played key role in these films. The films are high ranked not because of their high intellect input; not at all! As a matter of fact both films are outright brute insult to the human intellect and are perfectly befitting to the creature which had “honor” of transforming into swine and monkeys on playing ‘smart’ over catching fish on Sabbath Day. Well if you are tired of these real land and sea creatures and which are certainly not nonsense Hindu mythology we may here mention their utmost love for dung producing dumb cow which still hangs around their stiff and arrogant stupid necks! In this insatiable reverence to the dumb animal they share common heritage with monkey etc. worshippers in India. Monkey business and swine product industry is as rampant as IMF and World Bank blood suction pumps!  The films are funny as all top notch American, European leadership and all so called intellectuals on Media are simultaneously acting as mad and idiot while thinking that world is believing in their words their concocted ‘modern’, state of the art and cutting edge technology proofs!

As their stiff necks can’t bow to the truth due to chains of curse up to their chins and as they have a wall in front and a wall behind so that they can’t learn lessons from past and are unable to read what is clearly written on the wall for them.  Their mind is dizzy and can’t think clearly. So the result is World’s Most Hilarious Movie! Its mad, mad, mad world! But people of the world are not mad it is the producer, director and the actors which are mad! A few days back I bought the machine engine oil, the marginally educated shopkeeper asked me in Islamabad: “Are American people that fool that they believe in this Osama story?”I replied  may be some are as their eyes, ears and tongues are all hijacked by Zionist media. Osama Bin Laden, a dialysis dependent chronic renal failure patient who died many years back kept alive by House of White lies through courtesy of Hollywood and Rita Katz is used as the drop scene in the ocean! Although the entire film is full of idiocies, some special idiotic scenes include throwing OBL body in the sea 1000 miles away from Abbottabd (Which is now nicknamed as Osamaabad), carrying out  post mortem in  the air! Doing DNA matching in minutes!

Anwar Ul Haque

Anwar Ul Haque

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