The day THE Mountain turned Gold!


The day THE Mountain turned Gold!

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

The day the mountain turned Gold

Illuminated by a decision so brave & bold

Our Nuclear Program could not be rolled
And we shall keep all enemies on hold!

Lucky were we, as we didn’t have
A military dictator eager to “behave”!
Or a Mir Jafar & Sadiq ready to trade
And let National interest shelve!

Qadeer Khan felt the throbbing pain
As he saw the ugly surrender scene

Of Fall of Dacca on silver screen

We mustn’t let the lesson go in vain

With ardor, planning, hard work and honesty

We earned the grace and majesty

Pakistan is the Nuclear Power of dignity

With a bomb safeguard and sovereignty

The Mountains turned Gold & Crowned

It was a sign of peace around

With the roaring Allah-o-Akbar sound!
Evil got defeated and no respite found

We have to break the shackles and chains

Let Qadir Khan be the President, free from restrains

Let’s have a brave, independent, honest judiciary

And teach the traitors & criminals befitting lessons

Let’s get innocent Dr. Aafia freed

Demand justice against all terrorism

May that be committed against her children!

Or kids of Hiroshima, Nagasaki & Palestine!

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