Aafia Siddiqui

Aafia Siddiqui
Anwar Ul Haque

Some time back I was here

The judges were freed and reinstated

Much has happened sine then but nowhere!

Missing persons not yet to be found

We paid rich tributes to Aafia

But her condition is worse than ever before

She still not be freed from Zionist Mafia

World Terrorists are torturing us even more

We went with US all over and everywhere

But could not get our great daughter back

Ahmad, Maryam are home but Salman is nowhere

Things will not change as long as courage we lack

Yesterday we did not care for the innocent

Now they are coming for our house

Our streets are roamed by the terrorist

In the form of Black water and dirty mouse

Now look at past years

For every pain she suffers

And from her eyes rolls each tear

A greater catastrophe our nation suffers

We had resolutions,

Many great talk heroes

Promises, speeches and slogans

When it comes to results, All but Zeros!

When will we see some dignity?

Are we to loose pride for loans and AIDS

Or shall we have spine, honor and audacity?

Trust in Allah alone, we need no AIDS

Will keep fighting for Aafia all around

Until the innocent is free from Zionist crowd

Free from unjust courts and cruel jails

And law is same for everyone in the world

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