Where should Americans go for Justice?

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate
It is a fact that many Americans had been killed and maimed through totally unjustified policies and decisions of American administration on the whims and orders of those who actually did 9/11 and other crimes against America and American people. Instead of punishing those people, American administration using American men and resources carried out unjustified wars of terrorism against Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yesterday alone 30 American lost their lives! Why and for what cause? To restore heroin smuggling from Afghanistan so that the Zionist thugs can make big bucks by hurting American and European youth through deadly sweet heroin.
How long American people will suffer???? Those who oppose this brutal abuse of American people and their resources are dubbed as enemies of America; nothing could be farthest from truth. Those who opposed these wars are actually the biggest well wishers of America. The Zionist medium which is full of lies and fabrications as usual and as always portray these sincere people as enemies of America while the media itself is causing the worst damage and harm to the people of America.
After seeing the treatment given to Dr. Aafia who is the most sincere friend of USA and American people there is little hope that American people will find a way to really hold Bush and company etc who killed many innocent human beings in addition to ruining the American economy But which court the Americans go and expect justice. Dr. Aafia was punished by a Zionist judge who has worked for Zionist organizations and the jury also contained several other Zionists. If Aafia were a Jew would the Zionist lobby in USA have tolerated a staunch Muslim Judge and members of Hamas in the Jury?????
The fact is that Islam orders absolute Justice and hence despite the eyewitnesses a Jews who stole the sword of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) was not punished as the witness was that of sons of Ali and in Islam blood relatives’ witness is not accepted. The Jew after seeing that standard of justice reverted to Islam.
On the other hand the Talmud written by the racist Zionists rabies regard all non Jews as talking animals and orders to give verdict in favor of a Jew no matter how wrong he is! So where should the Americans go to seek justice against their rulers who totally and absolutely fooled them through repeated lies? It is high time for the good nature Americans to think about how to liberate America from the clutches of Zionists ruled administration and the Zionist controlled media and the so called justice department under control of Zionists who by their own teaching are totally unfit to dispense justice.
Dr. Aafia’s crime was her love for America and American people and hence enemies of American without any proof whatsoever put this mother of 3 into jail for 80 years. Her three children were kidnapped; two were later released. Ahamd at the time of abduction was only 7 and was kept in CIA puppet Karazi’s jail for years with chains around his feet all the time. Her youngest Salman is still missing. This is Zionist justice so where should common Americans turn to for justice? Should Americans hold academic trials of their puppet leaders outside America???????????
So where should Americans go for Justice?

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