The Punishment for remaining Silent!

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

In Surah Al-Baqrah (The Cow) Allah Ta’lah has severely condemned those who remain silent and do not express what Allah Ta’lah has revealed in His divine book. He has said that these people take little worldly benefits (money, favors, remaining in good books of people) and but what they are filling their tummies is the hell fire. And at other place in the same Surah Allah Ta’lah has said that Allah Ta’lah will not talk to them, nor will cleanse them and for them will be the painful punishment.
We see that our people remain dumb and silent over things which are very obviously against truth, against hu-manity and against Islam. They try not to offend anyone but in doing so they offend their best friend and protector i.e. Allah Ta’lah. All worldly friendships last for very short time while Allah’s friend ship last forever. So how idiotic and stupid are these people.
Asif Zardari, Mr. Malik, all MQM members & Asma Jahangir are all ILLEGAL!
Asif Zardari was not competent to run for the election of the Presidency to begin with. He had NRO umbrella mean-ing he admitted his crimes otherwise normal person doesn’t need that umbrella and a corrupt person by constitution can not run in election. He heavily bribed the members of KP and Baluchistan assembly and everyone is witness to that. This makes his election nullified from the very root. Asma Jahangir, a known Qadyani, Indo Zionist puppy got elected by the help of enormous public funds and hence her election is unethical, immoral and illegal.
Asma Jahangir has hardly appeared in the court in cases. She is a mediocre lawyer and always hired other lawyers with hefty money supplied by the anti Islam and anti Mus-lim forces.
Shame on all those who voted for her and shame on all those who still support the world’s undoubted and uncon-tested number 1 corrupt president! What these people will do when the Prophet (PBUH) will turn them away from Hoz-e-Kosar on Day of Judgment saying that you are not from my Ummah. Think about it
There were no elections in Karachi. MQM had been rigging elections in Karachi on gun point using Karachi police and city Government. Under Musharraf Rajeem It took over Karachi City Government through massive fraud and rigging in Elections. Jamat-e- Islami could not dare to fight against army which was solidly supporting MQM under Musharraf patronage. Mr. Malik a well known Qadyani and belonging to a barbar family got “elected” on the basis of MQM seats which were illegal in first place. Second he should have contested on minority seats and not on Muslim seat.
Our army put its feet in the shoes of Colonial English rulers and is treating common people as slaves. And same is done by our police, our bureaucracy and our Judiciary. Many of the members of these organizations have stiff neck and arrogance rather than humility. Instead of considering themselves the servants of Allah and servant of common people they act as the foreign rulers and above law. Same goes for politicians. Of course there are some good people in all these institutions. But that is the common perception in people. No body wants to go to police and court as they are afraid of being robbed right and left. The hefty fees of lawyers and the extremely slow process of justice have caused utmost despair. On the top we have politically appointed and the most corrupt judges who themselves need to be hanged. How can then people expect justice? Le tt us have pure Islamic system with free justice by the honest and competent Judges and crimes & corruption will vanish.

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