Asma Jahngir is elected as President of Pakistan Bar! What a Shame!!!

Asma Jahngir is elected as President of Pa-kistan Bar! What a Shame!!!
Asma Jahangir is elected as President of Pakistan Bar thanks to full support of the turn coats and lack of full sup-port and enthusiasm in Islamic forces to strengthen the Imaan of the community. How a Qadyani, pro India, pro Israel, pro Musharraf gets elected is alarming. No doubt Justice ® Tariq Mehmood and Kurd have long changed their loyalties fro the sake of little worldly gains and Mr. Muneer ‘s very secular background forced him to support her. Aitazaz Ahsan can’t come out of Islam phobia and hence he can’t leave PPP despite its enormous corruption and wrong doings. This is very obvious and open “Dalalun Shiqaqum Baeed” (Astray from straight path in Blind hard headedness).
Asma Jahangir is at times heavily paid by the foreign forces e.g. Swedish Government in cases where Islam is deliberately defamed. For example in case of Mr. Afridi. Karachi’s famous lawyer Ishaq was hired by Asma Jahngir on heft y fee. Asma got the money from Swedish sources.
As ma Jahangir had been to India and she danced with their women without raising little finger over gross women abuse in Indian society with massive female infanticide. However she will never leave a stone unturned when she finds an opportunity to defame Islam and Muslims.
Babrar Awan who prepared Benazir will at his home distri-buted enormous amount of wealth among lawyers to vote for Asma Jahangir and his stolen wealth did bring some “positive” results for him.
Today Israel, India, Qadyanis, MQM, Dogar, PPP, Mr. Abdul Qayyum and all corrupt elements are happy over the “victory” of this Indo Zionist puppy. Asma Jahangir openly smokes in Ramadan in Supreme Court Bar Room! Such a woman is liked by her colleagues of same values or having total apathy toward Islam and Muslims.
When we are rapidly progressing on the ladder of corrup-tion and self destruction, such results are expected. These are signs and symptoms of weak or no Imaan
The Satanic forces are working hard on destroying the in-tellect abilities of man and as a result man is burning, home is on fire, society is ablaze, world is in the grip of all sorts of terrors.
Zionists find Quran the biggest hurdle in their way. They see their death in Quran as it provided the light, strength, tranquility and courage to fight the Zulm (oppression) . Zaalim (Oppressor) will never like Quran; how can he like tying of his hands? Quran is the living miracle to be wit-nessed all over the world by all people. It is the last edition of all divine books and hence fully protected letter by letter and word by word in its original language for 1450 years and yet retaining its magnificent effects, its superb power to stop the evil and root out corruption and dishonesty at all levels and in all dimensions.
Asma Jahngir’s victory should strengthen our resolve to illuminate ourselves, our society and the world with Light of Quran-e-Majeed to remove all such darkness

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