Why Zionist puppy Nilofar Bakhtiar is promoting alcoholism?

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Why Zionist puppy Nilofar Bukhtiar is pro-moting alcoholism in Pakistan?
Zionist puppy Nilofar Bukhtiar is promoting alcohol in Pa-kistan. She is asking to remove ban on alcohol consumption in big hotels. No doubt that many “top” officers in Pakistan are getting booze from one way or other. However to make it legal will be a satanic act badly affecting the people, their relatives and the society.
Nilofar Bukhtiar is a Qadyani non Muslim and therefore her statements against an islamically forbidden hard drug are quite understandable as she does not have the sensitivity which a Muslims might have. She herself often gets drunk and does funny acts. On one day she under the influence of alcohol, hugged several journalists in Kashmir Wala restaurant hotel at Damn-e-Koh, Islamabad. There were few non drinking journalists sitting in a corner who did not stand up for hugging, she nevertheless clapped their cheeks.
Nilofar Bukhtiar had been the chief of Lioness Club! She could not become member of Lion’s club as Zionists do not allow women to become members of Lion’s club, rotary club and Free Mason saying that women can easily leak secrets of these organizations exposing their real face to the public. Instead of Lion’s club, lioness club is made for the women, which basically serves as a social club and entertainment club. Nilofar Bakhtiar also heads the Red Crescent which gets lots of money and in return provides very minuscule service to the needy patients. The organization was previously headed by Basharat Jazbi; a character no less than Nilofar.
Nilofar Bakhtiar came to the fame with her parachute jump and then hugging French men. It was amazing that another member of the Tourism Standing Committee, who was having a dupatta on her head, also supported Nilofar Bakhtiar in promoting alcoholism.
It is an unfortunate truth that alcohol was consumed rather freely in Pakistan army along with other forbidden acts such as gambling in the name of Tambola. Several big Generals of Pakistan army were known drunk. Gen. Yahya Khan throughout his career was a slave of alcohol. He along with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto drowned Pakistan causing its bifurcation. Another drunken General Moosa Khan due to his incompetency and ill planning almost lost West Pakistan in 1965 when he took no security measures for Lahore.
Gen Musharraf whose father was a corrupt non Muslim Pervaizee and he himself married to a die hard Qadyani and hence a covert Qadyani himself literally swims in alco-hol. He was totally out of his mind in London and had no control over his tongue. He recently had a 1 ½ hour meet-ing with Israeli cabinet ministers in London in a posh res-taurant having duck meat and whisky. “President” Zardari gets so drunk at times that he falls down. No wonder Zar-dari is driven by same alcoholics who were driving Mush! This includes Qadyani Tariq Aziz who is known for his gam-bling, alcohol and massive corruption. Salman Taseer is al-so a big boozer and according to his son found of eating pork. The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) has described alcohol as Umm-e-Khabis (Mohter of all evils). It is high time to save Pakistan from such drunk, out of mind Zionist servant leadership and hence enemy to Pakistani people.

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