Why are Zionists after Quran?

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

There is no doubt that Zionists are after Quran. They are after Quran from the day 1 and are trying their maximum effort to fight against Quran. They brought Kamal Ata Turk, a son of a Jewish Greek mother and hence a Jew himself, to stop Quran in Turkey. Turkish language shared the same alphabets with Arabic and hence it was very easy for Turk children to read and learn Quran. Kamal Ata Turk with full support of World Freemasons changed the alphabets of Turkish from Arabic to English. He took numerous other steps to drift Turkey away from Islam. It is really strange that a Muslim country like Turkey does not allow Muslims girls to cover their head and if they do they are barred from education. What could be more ruthless and terrorist activity. As a result daughter of Turkish Prime Minster had to study in USA and wife of Turkish President had to leave her Government Job.
Same ruthless practices are of course observed by Zionist slave Governments of France and other European coun-tries. Human right of wearing the clothes and woman right of guarding her dignity and respect is snatched through brute Government force and in the name of so called de-mocracy.
Europe even forgot the fact that it was Islam which pulled Europe out of dark ages and introduced to them the civili-zation, renaissance and industrialization.
The lies against Islam are so rampant and strong that Islam which gave the world all modern sciences is equated with illiteracy, terrorism, backwardness! There is intense deliberate defamation and concealment. We will Insha Allah discuss the Islam’s gift to modern life later suffice to say that if Islam was not here Europe and America would be still in dark ages without universities, hospitals, watches, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, modern maps, navigation and you name it; zillions of things!
It was Quran and it is Quran, the final book of Allah (The God All Mighty) which brought all the positive changes and in the world. And that is the precise reason why Zionists are after Quran. Quran makes a person taller than Himalaya, stronger than steel, wiser than all the learned people and brave enough to take all the worldly forces. And that is the reason why Zionist are against Quran. Quran has the ability to rescue humanity from racist, fascist and Global Terrorist Zionists and that is the reason why Zionists are against Quran. Another reason Quran has protected the truth and threw away all Zionists fabrication in other previous divine books and that is another reason why Zionists are after Quran. So if you want to be a human being (As opposed to a talking animal which Zionist racist book Talmud considers you) read Quran, understand Quran and get instantly connected with Allah, the Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.
Dr. Aafia was punished by the USA Justice Department under firm Zionist control for the precise reason that Dr. Aafia was trying to rescue USA from slavery of Zionism and Zionists. How can Zionists let go Americans free? They are using American resources and personnel for achieving their criminal gains.

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