Who is benefitting from the terrorism?

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Who benefited from terrorist attack on Shaikh Ali Hajviri ‘s grave. Of course Zardari and Sulman Taseer!  Black water and other organizations which want to keep their puppets and puppies in power use such tactics to deviate attention from real issues. The real issues are simply too painful for the public and hence in order to prevent their backlash such incidents are created in notorious Ismailee Fidayeen Style by using drug addicts. So the real beneficiaries from such attacks are Zardari and Sulman Taseer and indirectly their patrons. Sunni Tehreek  and other CIA created organizations like MQM and some religious sectarian groups are used by the Zionists to fulfill the desires of the enemies of Allah, His prophet (PBUH) and believers!

Missionaries are supporting and promoting grave worship in Pakistan.

In year book of planning by Missionaries for different countries Missionaries have always  actively support spread of shirk among Muslims. As they are jealous of Quran-e- Majeed and the path of the Prophet (PBUH) they actively and financially support the grave worship among Muslims so that so called Muslims by committing shirk go to hell with them. The Prophet of Allah (PBUH) had demolished all graves above the ground after conquest of Makkah. The person chosen for the task was Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him. All statues, pictures and all concrete graves were demolished. One Statue was however smuggled to India. This Statue which is called Manat was later renamed by Indian Hindus as So (good) manat or Somanat in Juna Gar (Mustafabad).  Mehmood Ghaznawi fulfilled the orders of the Prophet of destroying all statues in Arabia. He demolished the Somant and refused to spare it in exchange for huge amount of money offered by Hindus. He is thus known as Butt Shikan an d not as Butt Farosh.

Fake Degrees of Zardari and Musharraf.

Asif Ali Zardari who used to sell the cinema tickets in black has the distinction of being banned from entering Cadet College Petaro due to his extremely notorious activities. His degree is fake and same goes for Musharraf who obtained his fake degree from Baluchistan.

Srebrenica the “Safe Heavens” of Zionist UNO which killed 8000 Muslim men! Who can forget the CNN and other channels showing Safe Heavens on TV screens during Bosnian war? The Bosnian Muslims were assured that if they lay own arms UNO will protect them. Once they did that, UNO took no time in leashing the coward Serbs to kill unarmed men in masses. This is the proud production of UNO which is the army of the New World Order! WHO and Unicef etc are created to give a humanistic touch to this World Global Terrorist organization called UNO i.e. Ugly Notorious Union of thugs!!

In reply to the Surah Al-Fateha, rest of the Quran including Surah Al-Fateha, Surah Al-Baqrah begins with categorical statement: That is the book in which there is no doubt. Such statement can only be given by the Creator and writer of entire universe and THE BOOK!

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