PPP’s another frontal attack on Supreme Court!

With Allah’s Name, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Imagine an officer of administration questions the restoration of Judges of Supreme Court who were illegally removed by military dictator Gen. Musharraf. Subsequent decision of the honorable Supreme Court had declared that action totally illegal and that the act should be considered as if it has no t happened. That decision removes the requirement of any notification from Prime Minister etc.

PPP had attacked Lahore High Court in the past with burning of furniture etc.

PPP while condemning Nawaz Sharif’s party workers attack on Supreme Court totally forget its own attack on Lahore High Court with marked damage to the building and furniture of the High Court.

It was joint attack of PPP and Sajjad Ali Shah on the Institute of Supreme Court.

The fact is that if PML (N) workers did not enter in the Supreme Court then Chief Justice of Supreme Court i.e. “Syed” Sajjad Ali Shah would have illegally dismissed the 2/3rd majority Government of Nawaz Sharif.  It is a undeniable fact that PPP used to have a meeting in F 8 Islamabad at the residence of Iftikhar Gillani. It used to prepare a document which used to be delivered by Agha Muraza Poia to the Syed Sajjad Ali Shah who would read it out as his own decision in the Supreme Court. Sajjad had reputation of being getting totally drunk. He even got drunk in Saudi Arabia where in  Riyad he read one page twice in a Pakistani community ceremony who out of respect made him Chief Guest due to his drunk mental status.

PPP was in collaboration with Musharraf in toppling Nawaz Sharif Government.

PPP top leadership was abroad in London and Paris for several months before toppling of Mr. Nawaz Sharif by Pervez Musharraf. CIA has taken PPP into confidence before undertaking that action and thus had full PPP support. PPP’s those leader who might have not have seen Karachi were sitting in posh European capitals and stayed there for months.

Nation is solidly behind the Supreme Court .

The entire nation is solidly behind the Supreme Court. PPP has  no backing. We know that Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is an illegal and fraudulently elected President. He paid huge bribes to the members of the KP and Baluchistan assembly members and hence his election is fraudulent and illegal.

Surah Al-Fateha is the opener of Quran. It is the proper Dua for the guidance and the rest of the Quran-e-Majeed is answer to this Dua.

It is so important that it is kept in every Rakat of the  Salah (Nmaz). Its first three Ayas properly recognize Allah Ta’lah, middle Aya is the most basic commitment of the slave to Allah and the last three Dua  in the illustrated form.

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